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Teachers Day: Life Returns in Bamenda as Teachers Celebrate

Bamenda - Difficulties associated with the teaching profession featured prominently during the 2017 World Teachers Day in Bamenda on Octobe...

Bamenda - Difficulties associated with the teaching profession featured prominently during the 2017 World Teachers Day in Bamenda on October 5, 2017 where North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique had warm words for the region's teachers who have suffered during the Anglophone crisis and still stand tall. 

It was a moment to cheer teachers' trade union leaders whom the governor said, were smart to dissociate themselves from the selfish intentions of other leaders that have brought the region to a situation where fear is imposed, arson regular on school structures and many children are yet to resume classes since the 2016 strike action was initiated.

It was against this backdrop that the governor urged teachers to continue to transmit core values of assiduity, honesty and patriotism to pupils and students. 

He acknowledged that the burden of educating children is on the shoulders of teachers and inspired them to be steadfast because concerns raised by teachers are pertinent and will receive adequate solutions by the Head of State. 
North West Governor 

Teacher Trade Union leaders, Afu Stephen, Tameh Valentine, Semma Valentine and Ayeah Emmanuel of PEATTU, TAC, CATTU and BATTUC regretted that their educational strike action was later hijacked by the community. 

The suspension of the strike action on 4th February 2017 , they said was inspired by the fact that it was necessary to move forward while complaining and urged the government to step up implementation of agreed solutions to address the concerns. 

It was the Secretary General of the Bamenda City Council, Waindin Jude Nsom, who said World Teachers Day is a moment to add value to teachers and saluted them for listening to the voice of reason that helped them refuse to sacrifice the future of school children. 

He appealed for PTAs to continue to stand by the construction of school infrastructure in the face of violence that burns school facilities. He urged promoters of schools and colleges to give their teachers who have gone for about ten months without salaries a human face. 

Some meritorious teachers received medals in recognition of excellence in the profession. - Online Sources

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