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Traditional Rulers: Advocate Respect of State Institutions in Cameroon

Bamenda - For many months now, the North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon have been experiencing difficult times because of some peo...

Bamenda - For many months now, the North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon have been experiencing difficult times because of some people who, through violence, impose ghost towns, prevent students from going to school and practically take the populations of these regions as hostage. 

This violence went crescendo until the use of homemade bombs, methods well known to the extremists. Thus criminal acts were perpetrated, such as the burning of public buildings, schools, private residences and the explosion of artisanal bombs in Bamenda and Douala. 

These acts are disapproved by the majority of Cameroonians who condemn violence, encourage dialogue, peace and the perseveration of the precious heritage bequeathed to us by our founding fathers: a Cameroon, a haven of peace, united and indivisible. 

This legacy is maintained and built everyday through our living together. The National Council of Cameroon Traditional Rulers, actor and stakeholder in the inclusive dialogue that it advocates and encourages, calls for respect for national institutions, laws and regulations of our country, as well as for preserving the achievements, mutually beneficial of our diversity in our "living together". 
The Anglophone Want a Separate State 

In fact, the continuation of the national construction work includes all the Cameroonians without discrimination, everybody at their own level. However, no Cameroonian can assume the right to jeopardize this national construction for whatever reason. 

Today, population in regions of North West and South West, main and first victims of this terror by unidentified groups, can no longer carry out their daily activities peacefully or send their children to school normally. 

It is inconceivable to build a sustainable future by systematically misinforming and terrorizing populations, or by excluding the youth who is precisely the future, and by preventing it from going to school. In these difficult times, the National Council of Cameroon Traditional Rulers expresses its solidarity with the Traditional rulers and populations of North West and South West regions. 

It therefore calls on all the chiefs at the regional, divisional and sub divisional levels, each on them in their area of jurisdiction, with their population, to say no to violence, no to terror and disunity, no to the partition of Cameroon and to strongly say no to the destabilisation of state institutions. 

The National Council of Cameroon Traditional Rulers says yes to constructive dialogue with known and visible interlocutors of good faith, yes to a united and invisible Cameroon, yes to the living togetherness bequeathed by the founding fathers of Cameroon. 

The council calls on the traditional rulers and their populations, to preserve peace and national unity, to work hand-in-glove with the administration, to support the Head of State, who is committed to finding just and adequate solutions to clearly stated problems, in order to prevent our great and beautiful country from slipping into violence as wanted by those who today have it as the only means of expression. 

We must all together stand behind the Head of State to defeat the deadly plan of extremists, declared enemies of a united and indivisible Cameroon, where living together peacefully is the rule. 

The National Council of Cameroon Traditional rulers supports and encourages the President of the Republic, Head of State, to continue to dialogue, to preserve with no weakness the achievements, peace, unity and indivisibility of Cameroon, our common heritage." - Online Sources

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