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Charles Charamba: 'Copycats are Mocking God'

Harare - Veteran gospel musician Charles Charamba who has been copied in the past by upcoming gospel artistes said those who have imitated ...

Harare - Veteran gospel musician Charles Charamba who has been copied in the past by upcoming gospel artistes said those who have imitated his work were going against the scriptures in the Bible.

Quoting Genesis 1 verse 27 which reads; “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them,” Charamba said those who copy other artistes were mocking God who created them.

“Everyone is unique in his own way and those who copy others are saying God I do not appreciate the way you created me, in fact you should have made me like Charamba of which it is very bad,” he said.

The singer said he could have copied other musicians who came before him, but that would have limited his creativity.

“I could have copied Jordan Chataika or Mechanic Manyeruke, but I saw that there was a gap in gospel music. I introduced a fast beat in the gospel sector because many Christians did not have good songs for bridal dances or to play during parties. Every artiste should see the gap and try to fill it rather than to imitate other artistes,” he said.
Charles Charamba 

He added that people should desist from copying other people and come up with their own work.

“I discarded the notion that gospel music is supposed to be sombre. I love God and I love music, so I had to do songs that I enjoyed to sing. That is why my genre was fast paced and enjoyable,” he said.

In a cut-throat showbiz industry which was infested by Zimbabwean golden generation of musical greats of the 90s, Charles Charamba, a cleanly shaven Mudzi bred boy found himself trying to make a “Jerusalem entry” with a genre which was not only popular, but detested by music recording companies.

After years of toiling and struggling, in 1995 Charamba recorded his first singles. From 1997 to 2007, the gospel singer enjoyed a purple patch in his career sweeping several awards in the process.

During the period, Charamba emerged as a dark horse in a competition which involved sungura greats, Alick Macheso and the late Tongai Moyo.

Charamba was born 27 on April 1971) and is a pastor in the Apostolic Faith Mission Church of Zimbabwe. Charamba's albums have been the top selling gospel music in Zimbabwe since the early 2000s.

He has toured both Great Britain and the United States, and throughout southern Africa. One of Charamba's most famous songs is “Machira Chete”. His wife, Olivia (née Maseko), is also a gospel singer, and appears with him on stage and on his albums; they are often called the "First Family of Gospel".

Charamba was born in Mudzi District, which is now in Mashonaland East Province. He attended Masarakufa Primary School and Masarakufa Secondary School in Mudzi, completing his O-Levels.

In 1998, he began his studies at the Living Waters Bible College in Tynwald, Harare, where he received his bachelor's degree in theology. Well after his rise to gospel music stardom, he returned to college and in 2011 received a "National Certificate in Music" from the Zimbabwe College of Music.

In 2013, he graduated with a bachelor's degree in jazz from Africa University. - Online Sources

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