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Teetotaller Lifestyle: Why Zimbabwe President Quit Alcohol

Mutare - President Emmerson Mnangagwa became a teetotaller during the liberation struggle in Mozambique after he witnessed fellow comrades ...

Mutare - President Emmerson Mnangagwa became a teetotaller during the liberation struggle in Mozambique after he witnessed fellow comrades die of excessive alcohol consumption.

The President revealed this in July, 2015 when he was Vice President during his official visit to China while touring beer manufacturing giant Tsingtao Brewery Co. Ltd, in Qingdao Shandong province.

After he was taken through the production lines of the brewing company, Mnangagwa was invited to sample some of the company’s beer brands.

But after making a toast, he smiled and kept holding his beer mug, much to the amusement of the hosts and his delegation, who expected him to take a sip.

Other members of his delegation, including the Minister of Industry and Commerce Dr Mike Bimha, quickly emptied their mugs.

Mnangagwa then explained: “Let me tell you something. I used to drink alcohol a lot during the liberation struggle but abstained after we lost some of our finest men not because of bullets or bombs from the enemy, but due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

“We then sat down as commanders and said can we allow this to continue? Can we continue to lose our men to alcohol? Since that time I have never taken alcohol,” he said.
Why President ED Quit Alcohol 
The President has followed in the footsteps of former Zimbabwe premier Robert Mugabe, a known teetotaller.

Tsingtao Brewery Company Limited is China’s second largest brewery and it’s subsidiaries across that country are involved in the production, distribution, wholesale, and retail sale of beer products.

The company also exports to over 80 countries. 

However, in a recent tweet, presidential spokesperson, George Charamba said the president only drinks for the first six months of the year, until 1st of June.

He said the President was “only take alcohol even then in moderation in the first half of each year-of-struggle, followed by the next six months of absolute abstinence.”

“While other commanders would break their oaths almost immediately upon making them, young Emmerson who was also head of security, adhered to his, religiously, right up to the end of the struggle. He did more. He took this austere drinking schedule into independence, right to this day,” Charamba added.

“Those of us who work close to him know that the President’s year is divided between wet season, which starts on the eve of each year, and dry season which religiously commences 1st June again each year. The wet season passes for the opening six months during which the President may entertain a bit of alcohol, even then on very few social occasions.”

Charamba claims most of the President's immediate staff have adopted their boss's drinking habits.

“Folks, the month is November, a good five months into the President’s dry season. A good five months into the no-no-no-alcohol part of his year. Let’s invent other stories of malice, in our vain hope to discredit him.” - Manica Post and NewsDay

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