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Jonathan Moyo: ‘Angels’ Facilitated my Escape from the Army

Harare – Prominent Zimbabwe government rabid critique and now exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo says he is forever indebted to people who faci...

Harare – Prominent Zimbabwe government rabid critique and now exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo says he is forever indebted to people who facilitated his escape under a barrage of gunfire as the army besieged his house .

Appearing on BBC’s Hard Talk for the first time since his exit from Harare on 14 November, an incoherent Moyo states he is happy the army is not aware of his escape strategy as the country’s most wanted man, adding he departed legally.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
Sitting in front of a red and white backdrop, Moyo confided to Zeinab Badawi that he was not at liberty to disclose his aides, though he is settled legally in his current unknown base.

“On the morning of the 15th of November, special forces came to my residence looking for me. I was not there because I had been advised by a close friend that I should take me family to safety,” Moyo said.

With interrupting noises in the background, Moyo explains he is happy the military people don’t know what transpired to him, until his eventual departure.
Most Wanted: Saviour Kasukuwer and Jonathan Moyo

“When they came to attack Saviour Kasukuwere's house, they subjected it to 15 minutes of gunfire. I left Zimbabwe with the help of people who to me are ‘angels’ because they saved lived lives. I am not at liberty to disclose how I left the country, but I left the country when Robert Mugabe was still the President.

On corruption charges against him, Moyo is convinced the hunt is a pure political persecution, banking his immunity upon the international law.

“There is no such evidence of such – they are going after people who were hoarding beans and rice. It is not corrupt to support a particular politician. It is not correct to say we were uplifting Grace Mugabe,” Moyo mentioned.

Moyo’s comments have however come under criticism from viewers.

“I honestly did not know that a man could be right in his head and still be wrong in his heart. Jonathan Moyo is an example of a man whose logic is dangerously warped, as influenced more by motives bent on deceiving rather than facing the truth,” an observer noted.

Moyo last featured on the hard-hitting programme as information minister in 2015 and he scoffed at interviewer, Stephen Sackur, suggestion that then vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa was “now the heir apparent” to veteran leader Robert Mugabe.

“He (Mnangagwa) is a Vice President of the country, one of the two appointed by the President (Mugabe) to assist him to implement the President’s agenda related to his pledges to the electorate," he said then. 

The new government has warned Moyo to desist from his attacking of the state posted via Twitter. Recent reports suggested he is now resident in Kenya or Malawi. Nairobi has however dismissed his presence, saying he is a wanted man for defrauding a non-governmental organisation. 

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