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Patrick ‘Paty’ Nyakurwa: Farewell to a Resolute Hero

Harare – Death delivers painful, lasting blows – yet, it is nature’s decree – and as mere mortals, we cannot just wish it away, but rather ...

Harare – Death delivers painful, lasting blows – yet, it is nature’s decree – and as mere mortals, we cannot just wish it away, but rather prepare for it.

After one’s death, what remains are memories for the living to partake, cherish – and wait for their impending turn.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
The passing on of Patrick ‘Paty’ Nyakurwa on 24 January 2018, gestured a sad chapter to all those who encountered his modest, yet resolute character within the Christian spheres.

For almost five years, Patrick battled a renal condition – but even when confined to a hospital bed, the versatile personality remained optimistic, even asking about other folks during visits.

Perhaps Patrick’s life could be summed within the following anecdotes: an artist, evangelist – a fighter and a prayer warrior.
The Late Patrick Nyakurwa

Versatile Artist
Since joining Glory Ministries’ Praise Team in 2006, the late Patrick who was born in 1983 never shied away from his vocal ability until his death. His counterparts remember how he blended his macho voice, when many hesitated to join the ensemble.

“Patrick was a close friend, we shared a lot while singing together in the Praise Team,” recollected, Godwin Kambanje, a choir member.

Patrick’s artifacts have since found a permanent home within Glory Ministries, while his creative hand engraved a lasting niche at the yearly Tiyambuke conference with his logo paintings.

Roving Evangelist
In 2006 Patrick would articulate his church planting prowess.

“In 2006, I asked for support to start a church in Chakari. Patrick volunteered to relocate to the mining town to assist in evangelism for Glory Ministries. He would lead the church for a month alone,” retraced Evangelist Archibolt Makumbi.

The pair endured an array of challenges – but today, Chakari has multiplied to 5 assemblies.

Resolute Fighter
Though his condition clearly drained his energy, Patrick remained focused on God.

“Unlike other people, who change focus when they get sick, Patrick never altered his focus – he remained resolute in his prayer life. We call him a hero because he has been with this church since 2005 and I heard he taught other people how to pray,” evoked Apostle Pride Sibiya, the founder of Glory Ministries.
Patrick Remained in High Spirits Even in Hospital 

His sister Shyline also echoed that, “Patrick was fighter, who never revealed his discomfort, even in times of pain and was even loved by minors.”

Prayer warrior
Countless individuals not limited to Reason Mushangwe and Godwin benefited from Patrick’s persistent prayer charisma.

“Patrick would come to church even early in the morning and he would urge us to pray. We would hold all-night prayer sessions,” commented the duo.

During cell group meetings, he was unswerving on the end times preaching.

‘Twin Brother’
Pastor Cuthbert Nyakurwa – his young brother plus his entire family never lost hope during his prolonged illness – but God’s will finally prevailed.

“We grew up together being called twins even though you were older, (you have) been there for me always, trying hard to accept that you are gone Paty.

“Maybe I didn't try hard enough? Maybe I wasn’t there for you enough? I am left with too many questions but will accept kuti (that) God has allowed it. RIP my brother, just speechless,” lamented the brother.

Trust God
As multitudes flocked to his final resting place – they danced heartily to Patrick’s all-time beloved melody: Hupenyu hwangu ndinovimba naMwari Baba… (In life, I put all my trust in the Lord…)

After 35 years of imparting, lives and serving God’s mandate, Paty had concluded his earthly assignment, with his life firmly under the Almighty’s footing.

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