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Walter Magaya: Prophet Exorcise Yadah Stars 'Demon'

Harare  –  The marriage between Prophet Walter Magaya and football has gone sour, with reports suggesting the popular servant will soon wea...

Harare – The marriage between Prophet Walter Magaya and football has gone sour, with reports suggesting the popular servant will soon wean Yadah Stars.

Magaya is contemplating selling or donating the franchise before the onset of the soccer season, leaving the future of players in doubt, if the rumoured move transpires.  

“I have always said Yadah FC can disappear, but the Warriors can never disappear. My passion is not about football, it’s about people and it’s also about my country. It’s an issue of lifting my flag,’’ the football-mad prophet mentioned.   

Yadah chairman Everson Chatambudza reveals the decision will be known after a club meeting, but Magaya had earlier said his marriage with the club might be coming to an end. 
Prophet Walter Magaya Prays for his Players 

“We are having a management meeting on Monday at the moment. I cannot say it’s going to be business as usual this season or not. I can only give the correct position on Monday,” said Chatambudza.

The intended move could affect former players such as Rodreck Mutuma and Denis Dauda, who are reportedly seeking a reprieve from their former clubs.

A source said, the church is focusing on new ventures. 

“PHD will be opening a new factory soon and those guys involved in the day-to-day running of the club are already busy with that and so the management are looking at how best they can deal with the soccer club.

“They may just donate it to people who might be interested in running a team in the league. A decision has to be made soon before the season starts,” said the sources. 

A burden of running local clubs could have ignited the emotional move, with many clubs having folded due to the expansive financial requirements. 

However, Magaya will not completely divorce his football interest as he is still interested in the Warriors campaign.  

“We missed the last World Cup when I was inactive in football and because of some issues that were beyond my control, but I believe that, maybe, in the next World Cup, I can participate and help my national team qualify for the World Cup,’’ said Magaya.

“I feel that the national team brings unity to the whole country. This is the moment when Highlanders, Dynamos and CAPS United players join hands,’’ he added. 

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