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#MorganHeroesAcre: Declare Morgan Tsvangirai a National Hero

Harare – Deafening demands for Zimbabwean President – Emmerson Mnangagwa to confer the late doyen of Zimbabwe opposition politics – Morgan ...

Harare – Deafening demands for Zimbabwean President – Emmerson Mnangagwa to confer the late doyen of Zimbabwe opposition politics – Morgan Tsvangirai a hero’s status are gathering momentum – especially on social media – with varying characters revealing his influence in shaping local history since his entrance into mainline politics from the labour movement in 1999.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
Tsvangirai has been battling colon cancer, leading to his brief surrender of power within the opposition body politic – after decades of confronting former President and much-dreaded opponent – Robert Mugabe – leading to numerous attacks and endless persecution by law agents.

The MDC leader is believed to have twice dislodged Zanu-PF in national elections – but he never took the mantle to lead the country – save for a Prime Minister post via a Government of National Unity (GNU) negotiated by Thabo Mbeki after another bout of disputed elections in 2008.

MDC's presence reshaped Zimbabwean politics immensely, with the ruling party feeling the pinch when confronted with the emerging opposition.     
The Late Morgan Tsvangirai was Always Under Attacked 

Leading the crusade for the entombment of Tsvangirai at the national shrine, Tirivashe Mundondo challenged Mnangagwa to convey the nation’s respected status to the departed opposition leader. 

“You are aware that @mrtsvangirai is the people's hero across political divide. While I am not privileged to have any say in these issues, my wish is that the people’s icon, #RIPMorganTsvangirai be recognized befittingly as a National Hero. #morganheroesacre.”

Vocal businessman and pastor, Shingi Munyeza is adamant that Tsvangirai deserves hero's status as a unifying gesture. 

“If the current regime declares MRT a national hero, this will mark the most significant departure to date from the Mugabe regime. This will be the single most unifying gesture since the unity accord of 1987,” wrote Munyeza. 
Linda Masaira – a prominent political activist also shared her thoughts regardint the passing on of Tsvangirai in South Africa.

“Zimbabwe has been robbed of a true gallant son of the soil. Thank you for fighting for us and opening up the political space. You were a leader par excellence, the doyen of democracy and an inspiration to all of us. He was a true a hero who sacrificed for many Zimbabweans. MHSRIP,” Masaira voiced.

Even exiled Saviour Kasukuwere – a former commissar in the ruling Zanu-PF had kind words for Tsvangirai.

“To live in the hearts of others is never to die. Your memory will forever be in the hearts of Zimbabweans. You fought a good fight, RIP Save.”

Respected journalist – Lance Guma also praised the former MDC President for his humble demeanor in a Twitter post.

“The number of times Morgan #Tsvangirai afforded me interview opportunities was humbling. A down to earth politician, he connected easily with people. He endured so many tragedies in his personal and political life and his death today is the biggest tragedy of all. #RIPTsvangirai.”

“In his lifetime MT showed his fellow countrymen that you don’t have to be in the army, to fight in the war. But this final battle was not one that he could win. RIP to a great Zimbabwean patriot who changed the political playing field in our country,” opined journalist, Violet Gonda.

Jessie Majome who labored with Tsvangirai within the opposition trenches, was full of praise for the departed leader.

‏“The colossus of the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe & beyond has fallen! The people's hero is gone. May your dream materialize in our lifetime? Thank you for making me believe that change is possible, the courage & to fight for it, & an opportunity to. RIP Morgan Tsvangirai.”

However, the calls could fall on deaf ears as the ruling party controls all the mechanisms on who qualifies for hero status – especially considering that Tsvangirai did not participate in the liberation struggle – a prerequisite for a place at the national shrine.

The graveyard is dominated by Zanu-PF cadres, who were mainly buried after 1980 – with the ruling party often rebuking any attempts to include divergent views on the selection criterion.

But with Mnangagwa’s inclusion polices – the opposition could be finally accorded its dues.

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