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Robert Mugabe Jnr: Mugabe’s Son ‘Changes Name’

Harare – The winds of political change are still blowing in Zimbabwe.  The revolution initiated by the army and publicly bolstered by the...

Harare – The winds of political change are still blowing in Zimbabwe. 

The revolution initiated by the army and publicly bolstered by the citizens on the streets in November last year, culminated in the lackadaisical resignation of former strongman Robert Mugabe – after 37 years in authority. 

Derick Matsengarwodzi 
Today, the once feared statesman and family have coiled into their ‘Blue Roof’ – a leafy residence, far away from previous public pampering and praise – while his recent 94th birthday on 22 February was watered down to a private event attended by close family and aides.

And now Robert Mugabe Junior – just like many Zanu-PF devotees – has also been swept by the shift cascading in the country – and has elected to use ‘another name’, in a bid to cover his family’s past loathed deeds, while he launched a new clothing label – xGx – inspired by his mother Grace Mugabe – a notorious shopaholic.
Robert Mugabe Senior and Junior 

During an interview with Massiv Metro – a South African radio station, Robert Junior consistently referred to himself as Tinotenda his other Shona name – in a clear stance that spells shame in association with his father’s name – Robert – and fear to harm his business interests.

Robert Jnr in association with his business partner Salem launched a high end label, consisting of T-shirts, together with tracksuit gear for both sexes, retailing from $165 to $180 and domiciled in South Africa.

“I ended up thinking I don’t want to play basketball forever, I want to create. And with my architecture background, fashion design is easy for me. So when I told my parents they said go on let’s see.

“They, however, want me to go through the process of building the business, they don’t want me to have it easy, they can easily set up a shop or shops for me but they don’t want me to have it easy. They want me to learn,” testified Robert Junior.

The Mugabe offspring who has made headlines for misdeeds, say he draws his inspiration from his mother and the family is supporting him fully.

“I have always wanted to create, design and then in December I finally said this is it. Most of my influence, I was inspired by my mother. My mom is my inspiration. I hope they are proud of me, I think they are,” he said.

However, Robert Jnr is aware of the tests that await him in his entrepreneurial endevours.

“The name (Mugabe) comes with a lot of expectations. There was a lot of pressure when my father used to be the president, anything you did would be criticised. They still try though, let them keep trying.

Reverting to his label, Robert Mugabe says it has an African flavour and has been received well in his native country.

“I am from kwaZvimba (Mugabe’s village) I want to bring that flavour. We strive for perfection for our clothes. This is what God put us on earth to do. People in Zimbabwe who want the clothes can get to order on WhatsApp, we will be launching an online store.”

The Mugabe siblings – Robert Jnr and Chatunga also manage TripLife Entertainment – an events company at Harem Night Club in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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