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#JuliusMalemaChallenge: Winnie Mandela Speech Goes Viral

Harare - When fiery South African politician Julius Malema gave his emotionally charged speech at Winnie Mandela's funeral, little did ...

Harare - When fiery South African politician Julius Malema gave his emotionally charged speech at Winnie Mandela's funeral, little did he know that words such as: “Mama those who sold you out to the regime are here. They are crying the loudest more than all of us who cared for you,” had ripple effects across the globe, including Zimbabwe.

And now social media has gone gaga with the #JuliusMalemaChallenge, with the hashtag trending on pertinent social issues across the country. From cash shortages, corruption, political violence, the army takeover in Harare - are some of the issues causing a media uproar.

Alex Magaisa - UK based lawyer tweeted: "Even those who say they are fighting corruption mama, they are awarding their spouses huge government contracts and grabbing more land, mama. They are here too, claiming to be democrats. Tell us how we should treat them in July mama, Give us a signal #JuliusMalemaChallenge

Mama, they tell us there is no money for ambulances or public buses then they do this to us, mama. What shall we do to them? Give us a sign, mama, tweeted Fadzayi Mahere. 
Julius Malema speech Caused a Media Uproar 

Patson Dzamara took the opportunity to convey his brother's disappearance.

Even those who abducted Itai Dzamara are here mama. In fact, they are now regarded as heroes. They are even trumpeting their voices saying they are looking for him and yet they are the ones who took him. Give us a signal mama.

The looted diamonds are also topical, Gomo Dubi noted.

Even those who looted Chiyadzwa & Marange Diamonds Fields with their Chinese friends are here with us mama. Those who looted Mbuji Mayi diamond mine in DRC & kept money for themselves instead of using it for its intended purpose mama. Give us a signal.

For this mama, when politicians are exchanging tenders upon tenders , gallivanting with families all over the world, give us a sign mama , a gigantic sign.

Even those who have refused to leave our club are here mama! Give us a signal, mama.

This hashtag, might be fun and all, but it serves as a sad outcry for help, "Mama, they are here" the family members that know, the uncle rapes the child, but turn a blind eye, Yes!! They are here in their condescending sitting position.

Those who add us into Whatsup Groups without our permission are here and they get so much offended when we leave - we are waiting for a signal on how to deal with them Mama.

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