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‘Operation Restore Legacy’: Dynamos Fans, Legends Demand Cleanup

Harare – After a seven game losing streak, former Dynamos greats alongside devoted fans have turned the trigger on ailing soccer giant'...

Harare – After a seven game losing streak, former Dynamos greats alongside devoted fans have turned the trigger on ailing soccer giant's management, urging the club to undergo ‘Operation Restore Legacy’ in a bid to restore its former glory days.

DeMbare is wallowing in the bottom of the table, with a paltry there points, earned from three draws, losing the other four matches.

The club’s sorry status has jolted Chamu Musanhu and Memory Mucherahowa to ring the alarm bells, with the institution’s history at stake.

“Things are falling apart, we need Operation Restore Legacy. There is a big problem at Dynamos right now. Things are not looking good and people shouldn’t just fold hands,” voiced Musanhu to the Herald.

“Dynamos needs to be run like a professional team. The main thing for now is to change the whole structure on top. Dynamos is moving backwards just because of a few individuals who either think they can turn things around or they are greedy, using this institute as their private business.
Glory Days have Evaded the Club for Years 

“Things need to change right away. It’s not like hakuna some other people who can run that club. We know some people are interested, but they are always being blocked by these people on top.

Mucherahowa was equally concerned.

“I do receive a lot of calls from people who want to help Dynamos right now, but I know it’s a waste of time, it has got more to do with the board and executive. I don’t know how good Mutasa (Lloyd) is, but he is the same man who nearly got it (the championship) last season.

“But look, when the season starts, Dynamos do not have even a single ball. Where did the money from NetOne go? That team has got potential, let other people run it.”

Former Dynamos manager traced the root cause of the mess at the ailing giants.

“Dynamos should never resort to trials at the start of every season. It should have a sound junior policy. Remember how the club nurtured the likes of Memory Mucherahowa, Clayton Munemo and Murape Murape who started attending Dynamos matches from the age of 16 at the invitation of the late Oliver Kateya,” noted Fourie.

Meanwhile, Lloyd Mutasa has been given an ultimatum to with the forthcoming three matches or face dismissal.

“We had a post-mortem of the seven games we have played so far. We are obviously not happy, the supporters are not happy, the coaches are not happy, the players are not happy and in fact everyone associated with Dynamos is not happy.

“So we decided to meet with the technical department to review the situation. Each side had a chance to explain and we assured the coaches that we are not looking for any replacements yet.

“But we all agreed that we have to collect nine points in the three coming games, starting this weekend and we will meet again to review the situation after those three games,” Dynamos president Kenny Mubaiwa stated after a marathon meeting with the technical team.

DeMbare face Bulawayo City at Rufaro in their next encounter, whose coach Darlington Dodo is facing an ultimatum after a string of poor results.

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