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‘Operation Restore Regasi’: Robert Mugabe Ouster Play, a Liberation to Arts

Harare - After a prolonged period of throttling the creative sector bent on challenging Robert Mugabe's 37-year reign, his ouster in No...

Harare - After a prolonged period of throttling the creative sector bent on challenging Robert Mugabe's 37-year reign, his ouster in November 2017 has opened an avalanche of insight into his leadership style.

The latest, ‘Operation Restore Regasi’ - a comical reference to Operation Restore Legacy chronicling his last days in power, is one such act. 

The play, now back on stage by public demand comically recounts former Mugabe’s ouster from power through a smart coup will return at Theatre in the Park due to overwhelming public demand.

Spanning an exhaustive 80-minute, it has however attracted full houses when it premiered in Harare from March 28 to 30 - and will return at the same venue from April 11 to 13. 

“We are coming back to Harare by public demand on 11, 12 and 13. I urge Harare residents, especially those who did not watch the play, to come in their numbers and witness this great show,” playwright Charles Munganasa confirmed.

“We would like to thank Zimbabweans for their support. Operation Restore Regasi has grown bigger than what we imagined due to massive reception in Masvingo and Harare,” he added.

Theatre in the Park creative director Daves Guzha confirmed that the play truly captures one of the country’s major political developments.
Scenes at Mugabe Ouster Play 
“It’s coming back by public demand. As you know, it sold out with some people watching whilst standing. We thought it would be proper to bring it back,” he said.

The writer also features as the no-nonsense General Chiwenga whilst Dereck Mapfumo, Donovan Takaendesa, Sydney Taivavashe, Rose Zivanai, Marayne Mtetwa and Tatenda Makava make up the rest of the cast.

The play opens at Blue Roof with Grace Mugabe rehearsing her next public tirade against those perceived to be opposed to her ascendency to the presidium, with her domestic worker cheering her on.

She is then interrupted by a distressed Mugabe who enters the room followed an angry Constantino Chiwenga with his armed bodyguard. 

Mugabe is caricatured as a jittery character who however, tries to cunningly keep his position despite the military intervention, but is left dejected after finding out that events have overtaken him.

“I am your Commander in Chief and you have no right to deploy yourselves without me giving you the order. You are violating the constitution,” a livid Mugabe tells General Constantino Chiwenga.

Grace is also satirically portrayed as a character with no self-control and as suffering from severe emotional instability, causing her to cry herself unconsciousness when she realises that power has suddenly slipped from her family’s hands when it had just seemed like she had it all under control.

The play ends with the public celebrating Mugabe’s resignation, with a flustered Grace crying herself out. - Online Sources 

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