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Quotable Coach: Steve Komphela's Memorable Sayings

Johannesburg - It was often said that Kaizer Chiefs' players needed a dictionary at training to understand what coach Steve Komphela wa...

Johannesburg - It was often said that Kaizer Chiefs' players needed a dictionary at training to understand what coach Steve Komphela was saying.

After parting ways with Amakhosi over the weekend, we look at Komphela's most colourful quotes.

"There is a certain calibre of people who thrive on challenges. To get the best out of them they need to be put in hot water, a bit like a teabag. Only time you get the best out of a teabag is when you put it in hot water."

"We follow procedures. It’s just easy, more especially for us at Chiefs. We could go to the same shop and buy mageu, but the prce will never be the same and at Chiefs you are required to give the best quality of mageu.”

"We have to be realistic as professionals. We should never be in denial in any circumstance or scenario. One of the basic principles of life, in which most are embedded in the ‘eightfold truth’ from Buddhism, it tells you about acceptance. Pain stops the minute acceptance kicks in. 
Steve Komphela

Pain starts the minute denial kicks in. If you are in denial of the facts and truth facing you, you live in pain. If you are in acceptance of the reality facing you, you move on without any hindrance. I draw my inspiration from Buddhism and Buddha; I’m born Christian but I study a whole lot of other religions."

- "In the olden days when Jesus Christ went on through his lessons, he was never specific in his references. He would always use symbols because whenever a symbol is used in a process where something has to be rectified, none of us gets consumed. 

If I were to refer to someone and say 'mara mfethu umnyama [you are dark]', I would put it like that because I am. But if I were not, then I would put it in a way that has respect in what I am referring to. I hope you understand."

- "Emotional intelligence is something that we have to carry because the difference between chalk and cheese, much as they are white, is huge. The difference between me going under the roof with heavy insults and not is also very small, so it should not change how you see things. 

You just have to keep focus, take it still and not be excited because we have not done anything. So we will just have to go take three points and move on."

- "With regards to my diplomacy over the previous three years, I have always been diplomatic. It is not diplomacy, it is respect. If you have respect, you will never say things that are reckless. In politics they call it diplomacy – when you want to talk ill about another country or politician in a manner that is respectable, that is diplomacy. 

When you twist a hand of the other president to come to terms with you, that is diplomacy. Power – soft power. Diplomacy – soft power." - KickOff

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