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Augustine Chihuri: Ex-cop Offers $75 for Mistress Upkeep

Harare – Exiled former Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Commissioner Augustine Chihuri – wanted for his diamond dealing shenanigans – and ear...

Harare – Exiled former Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Commissioner Augustine Chihuri – wanted for his diamond dealing shenanigans – and earning a $2 668 monthly pension – has offered her mistress $75 as maintenance for their child.

Sithulisiwe Mthimkhulu was seeking an amicable settlement but her demands of $240 000 lump sum payment for the upkeep of the couple’s love child in Grade four are being resisted.

Instead, Chihuri is willing to pay $75 per month, which he says they should share equally with Mthimkhulu.

Chihuri through his lawyer Arthur Marara of Mutamangira and Associates argued that the matter was supposed to be heard at the Harare Magistrates’ Court.

“It is respectfully submitted that this honourable court has no territorial jurisdiction to preside over the matter. The respondent is based in Harare while the complaint has been lodged in Bulawayo.
Augustine Chihuri

“The applicant is basing her case on a purported agreement that was prepared and signed in Harare and clearly the Harare Magistrates’ Court has jurisdiction over the matter,” he said.

He suggested the couple share the maintenance is the responsibility, including school uniforms. “Monthly maintenance at the sum of $75 to be shared equally between parties,” he said.

In the papers, Dr Chihuri highlights that school fees and school uniforms for the child is to be shared equally between parties. The ex-cop is on a $2 668 monthly pension and four children depend on him.

“Imagine every one of these children mounting a claim for $240 000. The applicant’s child is like any other child and clearly cannot enjoy any preferential treatment to the extent of being used to claim $240 000, which money the respondent does not even have,” he said.

Last month both parties had agreed for an out-of-court settlement. “By consent, parties agreed to meet and do an out-of-court settlement and report back on May 14,” read the court papers.

The retired policeman led the country's Police force from 1994 to December 2017. On 6 December 2017, a rogue police officer attempted to set fire to Chihuri's house during a shootout at the property as a result of the offending officer attempting to steal goods from the property. The fire was promptly put out by the fire brigade.

He is a war veteran who received his military training at Mgagao in Tanzania as well as the longest-serving police chief in Zimbabwe since Independence in 1980.

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