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Dynamos: 'Zanu PF, Mapfumo Gig Affected Attendance, not Boycott'

Harare - Dynamos executive insists that the call by Harare supporters to boycott home matches has failed dismally, saying the low turnout d...

Harare - Dynamos executive insists that the call by Harare supporters to boycott home matches has failed dismally, saying the low turnout during their last two games was due to other events around the city, including Zanu PF elections.  

Last week, Harare chapter chairman Khain Nyambuya’s urged fans to boycott DeMbare home games, in a bid to force the management to address recurrent problems overwhelming the club. 

“The big problem at Dynamos is poor corporate governance and for them to engage in such arrogance, it means they are still enjoying those gate takings. So, we are going to boycott home games. But we will follow the team as usual for their away games,” Nyambuya said then.
Dynamos has Won Two Matches in a Row 

But a recent revival with two wins in their last two matches, have seen them creep into 10th place on the table.

And Dynamos secretary-general Webster Marechera praised the faithful fans who stuck with the club during turbulent times. 

“There have been several supporters’ committees and branches for Dynamos and as a club we appreciate how they organise themselves to support their favourite team,’’ Marechera said.

“But never in the history of the club have we heard genuine supporters urging everyone to boycott the team’s homes games and one can see that those urging for a boycott are mercenaries who promise certain individuals that they will cause disturbances at Dynamos and force members of the executive out.

“Such characters should not come anywhere near Dynamos because they are not genuine and they only wait for a bad result to start conspiracy theories and fan problems. Why have they never mobilised financial resources to assist the club if they were so eager to help?”

The executive say the internal Zanu PF elections disturbed their matches. 

“We would like to thank the fans who came to our game against Bulawayo City. We are aware that there were some counter attractions, notably the primary elections (Zanu PF primaries), and the big Thomas Mapfumo show during the same weekend.

“But we believe that the crowd will be much better against Harare City and we believe that our genuine supporters know their important role to the team and the players know the importance of the supporters and that is why they went around Rufaro to salute and thank them after the game against Bulawayo City,’’ Marechera said.

Marechera clarified the Dynamos ownership structure.

“It must also be understood that the Dynamos ownership structure is very clear and there are no elections for one to be a member of the executive committee, one gets appointed by a board of directors led by Bernard Marriot Lusengo and so supporters cannot force someone into the executive.”

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