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Tadzikamidzi Primary: A Rich Musical Talent Institution

Harare – Tadzikamidzi Primary School, which means firm roots is short on financial resources but has abundant, rich musical talent. The co...

Harare – Tadzikamidzi Primary School, which means firm roots is short on financial resources but has abundant, rich musical talent.

The council-run school has dominated the National Primary School Heads Choral Music Competitions (NAPH) in Zengeza for a while.

By Munashe Matsengarwodzi
For the past decade, it has always been in the top three zonal competitions and even went to the provincials in 2006. So many schools respect them. Some of the former students are now choir trainers for various schools in the community.

This year, we trained extra hard, from 10am to 5pm daily for the zonal competitions. We were practising a set piece song written in Tonga language. None of us know how to speak Tonga, so at first we just sang as it was written, but our musical instructor coached us well.
The writer, his sister and young siblings at the Aquatic Complex for the NAPH Choral Music District Competitions. 

November 2, the day we were all waiting for, finally arrived. The atmosphere was tense. It started when the teachers went for the toss. We were making final preparations in the shade outside.

The junior choirs were the first on stage, with many being their first time at choral music competitions. This was my second year singing for both choirs, so I was relaxed. After the juniors, I put on the senior uniform. We all looked smart and beautiful.

It was now time for the senior choir and we were happy after a good performance by the juniors. We became over confident that we will win. We thought our choir master spoke a cock and bull story that there was a good choir from Zengeza Main.

Fortunately, we came second out of 15 schools, showing that we were a bit relaxed. Few people, including myself and my family who came to support the choir, never expected them to win. 

But we were happy that we had just qualified for the district finals of which we were afraid of a school named Seke 7 Primary, so we rehearsed for the next five days, doing everything possible for us to win. We felt sad losing to Zengeza Main, but we thought we would win at the district.

On 9 November we went to the Aquatic Complex. We arrived late after the toss was already done.The atmosphere was a little bit boring, it looked like it would rain. We were on ballot three for both choirs. The juniors were at the horns of a dilemma, they thought that the zonal and the districts were the same. Their performance did not amaze much.

Our teachers had confidence that we would win because we knew we had practised a lot and we had done well in 2017. Before the results were announced, we danced in joy. This time we sang better than the junior choir, winning a trophy.

It was a certificate for the juniors who came number four and the seniors at third position. We felt sad because it was a mission impossible to beat Seke 7, which always dresses nicely. Zengeza Main Primary surprised many to become number one.

We celebrated our victory back to school because we were in the top three again. In 2017, we were also in the same position. Seke 7 was disappointed because in 2017 they did well at the provincial and national finals for Chitungwiza. 

This year, it was time for Zengeza Main to shine. The day also had schools performing in traditional dance and percussion band for ECD and infants. Only those in first position proceeded to the provincials.

As I leave primary school for secondary education, I wish Tadzikamidzi well and hope they will start preparing early in order to qualify for provincial and national competitions in the future. I will miss my choir teachers Mrs Nzarayebani, Mrs Shoko and all staff members who worked hard for the choir to do well over the years.

Munashe Matsengarwodzi was a grade seven pupil at Tadzikamidzi Primary School in Zengeza, Chitungwiza in 2018. 

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