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Alph Lukau: Pastor Finally Responds to 'Fake Miracle'

Johannesburg - Under fire Alleluia Ministries, Pastor Alph Lukau has finally responded to the so-called resurrection miracle that has made ...

Johannesburg - Under fire Alleluia Ministries, Pastor Alph Lukau has finally responded to the so-called resurrection miracle that has made him a centre of world focus.

The Johannesburg–based pastor maintains that his ministry is facing “unwarranted and sustained attack fuelled by bias and speculation,” in a protracted press release.

“At the outset both Alleluia Ministries and Pastor Alph want to make it abundantly clear that they remain steadfast in their belief that through the power of God people cannot only be healed but they can also, certainly, be resurrect from the dead. God's power, simply put, knows no bounds,” the statement said.

The Democratic republic of Congo born charismatic preacher upholds that God cannot be boxed, since his powers are beyond our imagination.

“To a society that seems to want to desperately enforce a reality that God can be put in a box and be brought out for the occasional wedding or baptism, and that we should keep our faith to ourselves, hidden from the rest of the world, we are and will continue to be seen as a disruptor and a threat.”

Turning to the contentious resurrection footage, Pastor Lukau asserts he never mentioned that he was the one who raised the man, only identified as Elliot Moyo from Zimbabwe.
Church Responds to 'Resurrection Miracle' 
“At no stage did Pastor Alph claim that he resurrect shown in the video, who was identified by his family members as Elliot. From the video footage it is clearly stated that when the mortuary vehicle arrived at the Church premises there was already movement in the coffin,” the statement further explains.

Pastor Lukau’s response, however opens more questions, since he admitted that he noticed movements before he performed the said miracle.

One would conclude that he could have simply verified with doctors, who are always present in his church services. In addition, he never bothered to ask for mortuary documents to verify facts presented by the dead man’s family.

“Prior to even praying over Elliot, Pastor Alph states that Elliot is in fact breathing,” the statement further elaborates, “The facts surrounding Eliot’s death were presented to Pastor Alph by Elliot’s family and these were then report.”

The account also castigates the media for ignoring glaring facts that were recorded during the ill-fated service, even though Pastor Lukau personally spoke on radio 702 in Johannesburg.

“In addition none of the media sought comment from either the Church or Pastor Alph prior to initially publishing their biased and misguided views,” adding that the ministry will take appropriate action against those against its advancement.

Regarding the dead man’s identity, the church denies it was never in contact with the man prior to the miracle. “Finally, both the Church and Pastor Alph wish to make it clear that, they had no knowledge/dealings or interactions with Elliot and his family prior to their arrival at the Church on 24 February 2019.

“In addition, and in order to dispose of the incorrect report that a camera man depicted in photos with Pastor Alph on social media is in fact Elliot (who has now allegedly been arrested) this is not the case and the camera man (who is not Elliot) is still employed by the Church,” the statement explained.

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