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Zanu-PF: Top Youth Leaders get no Confidence Vote

Harare - Ruling Zanu-PF party has passed a vote of no confidence in their top three leaders over misconduct allegations, pending a discipli...

Harare - Ruling Zanu-PF party has passed a vote of no confidence in their top three leaders over misconduct allegations, pending a disciplinary hearing.  

The top leaders include Pupurai Togarepi, his deputy Lewis Matutu and three other National Executive Council members on allegations of incompetence, gross misconduct and disloyalty, among other allegations.

According to the Herald, Godfrey Tsenengamu who is the Youth League’s national political commissar, announced the vote of no confidence at Zanu-PF Headquarters today.

“The Youth League National Executive Council sitting in extraordinary session on the 6th February 2019 in Harare unanimously moved a motion of no confidence on five of its members.

“This in order to realign it with the vision of His Excellency the President and First Secretary of Zanu-PF, Emmerson Mnangangwa. 
Suspensions in Zanu-PF Could Mean more Factions

“The motion was necessitated by the call by President Mnangagwa for the Youth League to be vibrant, proactive and to move from being lethargic,” he told the Herald.

Tsenengamu accused the leaders of poor visibility and participation by the Youth League in the 2018 Harmonised Elections.

They also failed to defend and mobilise the Youth League structures to defend the President and party during the recent January riots.

Others are poor participation by the Youth League on social media and failure to defend the party on the regional and international stage during the current wave of Anti-Zanu-PF and Anti President Mnangagwa propaganda. 

Tsenengamu said Togarepi and Matutu had also converted and diverted resources meant for the Youth League for personal use without the resolution of the Executive Council.

“Computers were donated by Potraz but their distribution has been unaccounted for. Matutu sourced for funds from Tongaat Hullet and Bikita Minerals for Youth League projects, without the mandate of the executive,” he said.

Fissures in the ruling party are widening, with reports of more factions cropping up since the largely disputed 2018 harmonised elections, which the opposition maintains they won outright. 

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