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Cyclone Idai: How to Survive a Raging Storm

Cyclone Idai is haunting Southern Africa. According to the latest updates, Mozambique's largest cities have been cut off by the huge st...

Cyclone Idai is haunting Southern Africa. According to the latest updates, Mozambique's largest cities have been cut off by the huge storm.

The mammoth storm carrying heavy rains and winds of up to 177 km/h (106 mph), made landfall at the port city of Beira on Thursday evening.

and already, 500 000 residents are now without electricity and communications have been severed, the National Institute of Disaster Management (INGC) says.

As of writing, the the cyclone has now moved west towards Zimbabwe, and expected to wreck havoc, with heavy rains. In Malawi, deaths have been recorded and thousands of homes destroyed.

But what do people need to do when a cyclone warning is issued.
  • If you are in those dangerous areas, ensure you evacuate early.
  • Head to a cyclone shelter should be a last resort and is generally for those who haven't got an emergency plan or are without friends or family nearby.
  • Re-check your property for any loose material and tie down (or fill with water) all large, relatively light items such as boats and rubbish bins.
  • Fill vehicles' fuel tanks. Check your emergency kit and fill water containers.
  • Ensure household members know which is the strongest part of the house and what to do in the event of a cyclone warning or an evacuation.
Cyclone Idai Wrecked Havoc in Malawi and Mozambique 

  • Tune to your local radio/TV for further information and warnings.
  • Check that neighbours are aware of the situation and are preparing.
  • If requested by local authorities, collect children from school or childcare centre and go home.
  • Park vehicles under solid shelter (hand brake on and in gear).
  • Put wooden or plastic outdoor furniture in your pool or inside with other loose items.
  • Close shutters or board-up or heavily tape all windows. Draw curtains and lock doors.
  • Pack an evacuation kit of warm clothes, essential medications, baby formula, nappies, valuables etc 
  • Remain indoors (with your pets).
  • Stay tuned to your local radio/TV for further information.
  • If you decide to shelter at home, turn off all electricity, gas and water and unplug all appliances
  • Keep your Emergency Kit close at hand
  • Bring your family into the strongest part of the house
  • Keep listening to the radio for cyclone updates and remain indoors until advised
  • If the building begins to break up, immediately seek shelter under a strong table or bench or under a heavy mattress
  • Beware of the calm eye of the cyclone. Some people venture outdoors during the eye of the cyclone, mistakenly believing that the cyclone has passed. Stay inside until you have received official advice that it is safe to go outside.
  • If you must evacuate, an official evacuation order is issued then you and your family must leave your home immediately and seek shelter with friends or family who are further inland or on higher ground. - Online Sources 

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