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#Mampintsha: #BabesWodumo is Your Babe not #PunchingBag

Harare – In August of 2013, I was honoured to interview the musical ensemble #BIGNuz for a magazine feature in Durban. On the day, the sky...

Harare – In August of 2013, I was honoured to interview the musical ensemble #BIGNuz for a magazine feature in Durban.

On the day, the sky was naked. The unrepentant sun's rays streamed at full length. And upon arrival, I was ushered into the studio. The place betrayed a hectic previous night workout, and this proved why my intended targets were yet to arrive. 

By Derick Matsengarwodzi
A few minutes later, they duo entered the premises. In attendance was Mandla Maphumulo a.k.a #Mampintsha, Mzi Tshomela better known as #Danger. The late Sbusiso or #RMashesha was absent due to illness.

The day – 23 August 2013 is still alive on my mind. #Mampintsha relaxed his imposing frame near the pool. He spoke often. He was excited of my distant origins. In turn, I struggled to conceal my eagerness. The minute Zulu words that I had grasped came in handy.

“We have been to Bulawayo – Zimbabwe’s second largest city – and we enjoyed the reception by fans. We hope to return there some time,” he had promised. 

The discussion was frank. Warm. They were both celebrities – having gone platinum with #MadeinAfrica album – selling over 40 000 copies – but they still embraced my probing. An hour later, I was offered a gentlemen’s sendoff. 
Let the Good time Roll: Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo were Engaged for Marriage 

Sifiso Mjoli who converted to stage name #Fishermen, was inside the studio, fusing his beats. #DJTira – birth name Mthokozi Khathi who had organised the interaction had departed before the conclusion of the interview.

Now, a violent video is threatening to halt #Mampintsha’s musical career. In the footage, the singer unleashed his full might on her helpless girlfriend for the world to see. 

Unknown to the abuser, the action was streaming live on camera. And what followed after it was loaded online was a severe backlash on #Mampintsha.

Unlike previous occasions when she was silent, Babes Wodumo located her courage and reported the matter to the police, who later confirmed investigations into the assault were underway, after an arrest was effected. 

Reverend Welcome Simelane, Wodumo's father had accused Mampintsha of not only abusing her but also controlling her finances.

“Mandla is using my daughter. I told him don’t use my daughter for your own gains. With all of these gigs including Black Panther (soundtrack), all that income, Mandla consumes all that money. It is more than a few million.

“Mandla is using my daughter in a very big way, someone must investigate him. Mandla is enriching himself with my daughter e has been aware of the abuse his daughter has been enduring as she has confided in him,” he said.

Jealous seemed to have consumed the once glamorous relationship, with the boyfriend feeling threatened by younger men around her. 

“She’s very close to me. She always tells me that daddy, Mandla is abusing me. Whenever Mandla sees any young boy around me or when I’m attending gigs around S.A he is going to fight and hit her in front of her dancers or subordinates,” he said.

And after he saw the viral video, Reverend Simelane thought of taking the law into his own hands. 
Mampintsha and the Writer in Durban, 2013

“I told Mampintsha that I have never hit Babes' mother. But Mampintsha never wants to listen. I am sick and tired of him (Mampintsha) and I've reached a point where I want to take the law into my own hands ..."

Babes Wodumo was born Bongekile Simelane on 26th July 1994 in KwaZulu Natal. As a model and dancer, her hit song Wololo catapulted her to fame. 

Her stage name means “the famous Babes,” and she says when she was born, there was a group called The Babes and she had eyes like one of its members, which her father always referred to and said “Lo uw’Babes’ (this one is Babes).” 

The Wodumo came because she used to do dancing, acting, soccer, athletics, and was good at them all and became famous for them.

Her engagement to Mampintsha made headlines, after the two shared a picture in Zulu traditional garb, with a bell icon, signalling a forthcoming marriage. In addition, Babes Wodumo wore a ring on her wedding finger.

“I have a boyfriend, we have been together for quite a while, he is a well-known artist but I will not say his name,” she was quoted by the Sunday World. 

Now, as a brother, I sincerely appeal to #Mampintsha to be a gentleman I met six years back to act manly. 

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