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Dust to Dust: What Happens After You Die?

Harare — Every living organism dies. But what happens when you die? Many still wonder what happens afterward. Some religious sections are c...

Harare — Every living organism dies. But what happens when you die? Many still wonder what happens afterward.

Some religious sections are convinced we cease to exist, while Christians believe in heaven and hell. Hindus accept reincarnation — the belief that, after death, the atman or soul of a person passes into a new body and life.

By @Comic24Derick

The new life is determined by how the deceased lived their previous life. They also believe in karma, which is the sum of the good and bad actions taken. Good karma helps with a better rebirth.

Ways of dying

After death, an individual lives in a spirit world, attaining a new body, identical to the earthly body, but capable to function as an ancestor.

To become an ancestor is a desirable goal of every individual. It is, however, believed that this is not possible if an individual did not live a meaningful life, according to African traditional beliefs.

The Abrahamic tradition holds that the dead goes to a specific plane of existence after death, as determined by God, or other divine judgment, based on their actions or beliefs during life.

The nature of the continued existence is determined by the actions of an individual in the ended life, and not by the decision of a different being.

What is death?
But what is death? Death is the separation of the body, soul, and spirit — it is not the end. Even though our body dies, our spiritual being — the essence of who we are — lives on.
Dust to Dust: Is There Life After Death? 
According to the holy bible, when we die, our spirit goes to the spirit world, which is divided into spirit paradise and spirit prison.

For those spirits who had lived in acceptable ways, they will occupy paradise, a place of rest from earthly sorrows. On earth, we operate through the body. Once our spirit is separated from the body we cannot operate in the fleshly realm.

Apostle Pride Sibiya

We must not be afraid of physical death but rather spiritual death. This means separation from God. This is why it is important for us to make a decision to follow Christ whilst we are in this body.

When one is about to die, they sometimes say certain things that will be long remembered even when they are gone. In this period, God allows your spirit to step out of the body into the spiritual realm.

The moment you step outside it’s as if you have undressed yourself off an overall. It’s as if your spirit is now seeing beyond this physical realm and you cannot communicate with the people on earth.

In paradise, what you did on earth will be carried over, just that you are now doing it in a glorified state. They will be now living in the spirit and will operate at the speed of thought.

Living testimony

The death of three friends, who drowned in a dam, shook Glory Ministries. Many were left with many questions — but some have been answered. One of the three, Makatendekaishe Saunyama later appeared in a dream to his relative.

“He appeared from nowhere. I was freighted but he was glowing. He said I will take you to where I am living. On the way, he got injured but was healed, after pronouncing Jesus’s name.

“We travelled to a beautiful place, where he showed me his room, filled with instruments that he once played at church. I did not what to go back, but he told me I had to go,” testified Grace.

Judgment day

In hades and paradise, people are waiting for judgment. But those in hades will not go to heaven. In hell there are compartments and people will be judged according to their knowledge of Christ.

If you heard of Christ and did not receive him your punishment will be greater. Those that never heard about Christ will receive a lighter penalty. When you give on earth, you are transferring your wealth to heaven. Jesus builds your house but you provide the material.

When one of us dies we should mourn with hope. Death is not the end but just the beginning.

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