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#GiveThisMountain: Master the Art of Climbing Heights

Harare – The art of climbing mountains is called mountaineering. It is a test for perseverance, putting hands and feet on rocks, ice – and ...

Harare – The art of climbing mountains is called mountaineering. It is a test for perseverance, putting hands and feet on rocks, ice – and snow – to attain the highest summit.

Alternatively – it is also called alpinism. It is not only climbing mountains the hard way with an ice axe, crampons, cams and rope – but it is also simply challenging and difficult hiking up steep rocky slopes.

At the summit – above the world of cities and civilisation – the climber can pause and look out over a world ruled by nature and her raw beauty.

Lots of people who would never think about rock climbing and its perils enjoy climbing or hiking up mountains. Popular climbed peaks include Mount Kosciuszko, the highest point in Australia – and Mount Kilimanjaro, the summit of Africa.

To climb these mountains, mountaineers must be competent in both rock and ice climbing techniques – they must be able to understand snow, glacier travel – and forecast weather; and above all, they must have good judgment and common sense to stay not only safe but alive. 
Master the Art of Mountain Climbing 
Mountain climbing, like rock climbing, is a risky activity and not to be taken lightly no matter how easy or benign your chosen peak might seem. The mountains are filled with danger and drama. Lightning strikes can strike out of a clear sky. Thunderstorms quickly form and drench you with rain and sleet.

Rock fall and avalanches sweep down mountain faces. Difficulties can slow you, forcing you to shelter in the open. You or your climbing partner can have an accident, causing all kinds of complications.

If you’re a novice and inexperienced in the ways of the mountains, then it’s wise to go with more experienced companions or a guide. You can learn from them what it takes to be safe in the mountains so you can return another day for a new adventure.

The mountains draw climbers who love the natural world and possess an adventurous spirit. To reach the summit of a mountain peak is not always easy – but it always seems worthwhile.

Borrowing the mountaineering concept, Glory Ministries will host their yearly Tiyambuke International Christian Conference (TICC) from 26 to 31 August, 2019. The upcoming offering with the theme: Give me this mountain – is an annual gathering, which has now become regular a stopover for distinguished speakers, will again grace the meeting.

“This year, the conference has a special bias of grooming and building people to become generals in life who can in-tern participate in building God's Mega Church. This is in line with Glory Ministries' 5 year season: season of building and the 2019 theme: Give me this mountain,” said the church. 

The various mountains include: business, entertainment, politics, media, family, religion and education.

The conference hosted since 2001, will kick start with a two day children-led meeting on the 25th and 26 the August. The first day is allocated to sports, while the second day will be a service hosted by the future leaders, referred to as Mega Kids.

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