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No Retreat: #Freedom Demos to Continue

Harare – Faced with a dilemma of a high magnitude demonstration against his short rule, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government will thwart all opp...

Harare – Faced with a dilemma of a high magnitude demonstration against his short rule, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government will thwart all opposition.

The intended march faced a stillbirth, after the state sought to bar them, citing possible violence that was experienced on August 1, 2018 and January 2019 – resulting in shooting by the army – while the identified culprits still roam free.

Despite pressure from various local and international sections to arrest the perpetrators, the state has dragged its feet in implementing the Commission of Inquiry recommendations. A recent court ruling has upheld a ban to bar all intended marches organised by the opposition establishment.

The police had also allegedly identified so-called third forces, coming into the country to ‘cause mayhem’ – while they supposedly located a stash of quarry stones and catapults meant to incite violence during the demonstration.

Responding to accusations that he was power hungry in calling for demonstrations, opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has reiterated the need for a shared vision for the nation.
Zimbabwe President Faces a Watershed Moment as Opposition Plan Countrywide Protests 

“Power is the least of the motivation for some of us, when I invite him for a dialogue it’s not because we are power hungry but we want to share a vision and a future, I am not looking for a job because I am unemployed but I want to make a difference.”

Chamisa denied allegations that he wants a power sharing setup, similar to the one in 2018 brokered by Thabo Mbeki.

“Power is an earmark; elusive, intoxicating and corrupt so it can’t be a baseline of the denominator let’s share the vision and the future so that we are all moving together as a people united in vision and future.”

Since the announcement of the impending protests, the government has engaged in vile media propaganda in a bid to foil the demonstration, largely incited by a high cost of living, unemployment, adductions and general social decay.

A meeting held at Mnangagwa’s offices in Harare at the eve of the protests is reported to have concluded to allow the demonstrations to go ahead.

“The president who is also the head of state said the demonstration will go on with no disturbances from the security forces unless there in need for involvement. In terms of section 59 of the Constitution, it is every person’s right to demonstrate and the government will not infringe on this right.

“Security forces are found in every establishment for the reason of safeguarding human life, dignity, property, peace and maintain order,” Ministry of Information permanent sectary, Nick Mangwana is quoted as saying.

Mnangagwa is seeking to portray a different outlook from his ousted former boss, Robert Mugabe. However, rther are growing fears that the street marches will demand his removal and will deteriorate into mayhem.

In contrast, activists opposed to the state have been abducted and brutally tortured. Tatenda Mombeyarara was allegedly abducted by six armed men, tortured and later dumped. Another opposition leader Blessing Kanotunga was also tortured.

Commenting on the ruling, MDC spokesperson says, they will roll out more protests around the nation, despite the recent ban, which is unconstitutional. 

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