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#Tiyambuke2019: Day 1, Live Broadcast

Chitungwiza – Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) will run from 26 to 31 August. Many Christians are expected to assemble ...

Chitungwiza – Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) will run from 26 to 31 August.

Many Christians are expected to assemble in Chitungwiza to witness the acclaimed convention that began in 2001. And for the one week duration, we will give you regular live updates from the conference venue.

The annual conference is a prophetic move from a position of lack towards prosperity, with firm biblical roots when Moses parted the water, leading the Israelites across the river, while the pursuing Egyptians were scattered.

Give me this mountain is the conference’s theme.
TICC 2019 Live Broadcast from Chitungwiza 

“When you possess your mountain, God will use you to influence and shape the culture for His glory. It is time for the body of Christ to occupy every mountain and shift the climate back to the Kingdom of God,” pronounced the church.

Tiyambuke 2019 will record a historic event, when Apostle Pride Sibiya will be officially ordained as a Bishop by his spiritual father, Archbishop Asa Gurupira.

With 25 years of service in church ministry, Apostle Sibiya has contributed immensely to the Kingdom. The significant occasion will be on Thursday 29, 2019.

Speakers to grace the gathering include Archbishop Asa Gurupira, Bishop Amon Madawo, Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo, Pastor Sacrifice Chirisa – and the host Apostle Pride Sibiya.

6:30: The Glory Praise Team is now on stage, to lead in praise for the opening day of the conference. Congregates are arriving to the anticipated yearly conference to be held outdoors at Bethel Worship Centre.

7:00: The Glory Praise Team is off stage, giving way to the Master of Ceremony to introduce and greet those present for TICC. People continue to assemble for the forts day of the event from 26 to 31 August.

7:40: Its is time for offering in support of the conference. He reads from Genes 8 vs 22. The time of planting and harvesting will always be there. People were complaining of little rainfall, but I asked them if they had planted, said the preacher.. Don't complain of lack of harvest when you have not own. TICC is a suitable time for planting and harvesting.

7:50: Its is now Worship time and the Glory Praise Team has taken over the stage to lead the congregates into worship. Join us as we worship the Lord during day one of the conference.

8:00: It is time to greet various ministers of the word attending TICC 2019 and special announcements by Overseer Maxwell Chinoruma.

8:15: Apostle Pride Sibiya introduces the speaker for the day International Overseer Masiyenyama. She takes the stage, reading from the book of Joshua were the the theme Give me this Mountain is derived from.

8:30: When climbing a mountain, you are not smiling. The devil is seeking whom to devour and shift your focus from possessing your mountain. Destruction is a tool used by the devil to wear and divert God' children.

8:45: Some destruction come in the form of people, songs. You must remain focused. Not everything that appears seems good, not everything before you is good fro you.

9:00: If you disobey you will not posses your mountain of influence. Not matter how gifted you are people, will always hate you. Daniel did not turn back though people were against his God.

9:05: Stay focused in order to posses your mountain.

9:10: End of service. Join us tomorrow for day 2 of TICC 2019. 

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