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First Cut: Personal Encounter with Bishop Pride Sibiya Part 2

Chitungwiza — Our initial encounter with Bishop Pride Sibiya in 2014, left a mark. Five years later, it still replays in my mind — vividly,...

Chitungwiza — Our initial encounter with Bishop Pride Sibiya in 2014, left a mark. Five years later, it still replays in my mind — vividly, even now. 

We had heard of desperate people parting with a fortune to book a one-on-one with some servants of God, but we were privileged to enjoy his uninterrupted company and wise counsel.  

Some were disappointed, after parting with their cash, flying for a meeting, only to meet their intended man of God for a brief moment, thereby creating anger, bitterness and dejection in the process. 

By Derick Matsengarwodzi
On our way home, we were rejuvenated, knowing our tormenting past had been addressed. From what we had heard, concerning the servant of God, we were in the right direction. The following weeks, we followed Bishop Sibiya with great enthusiasm. 

My profession had schooled me to question everything. Now I put that into action. We had watched many servants of God, both on television and live. But Bishop Sibiya projected a different script. One thing for certain, he was committed to what he did and said.

I could notice his body action was genuine and always willing to help. He never spoke unless necessary. He was a listener, an ability many fail to apply. Above all, he was a humble character, who had accomplished much in his life but never bloated about it. To me, he was a worth spiritual father that my family desperately sought.
Bishop Pride Sibiya Ministering at Bethe Worship Centre

A few weeks after our encounter with Bishop Sibiya, my wife got a job. She did not apply. It was just a phone call from a relative to come and commence work. Together, we knew this was the works of the Holy Spirit working through his servant. She left to commence her work.

Soon we started to serve in Glory Ministries. I chose the media department. That year, we attended our initial conference, starting with the His Glory man's conference, that blessed me immensely. Previously, I thought I knew everything about fatherhood. That conference transformed me greatly. 

Her Glory Conference followed later, bringing diverse speakers. As a beer drinker, I had previously experienced the so-called thrills of outdoor life with my friends, clutching a cold beer. But the dinner that was hosted by Pastor Anna Sibiya changed my perception about church and Christianity.

After the couples dinner, we were convinced that our marriage life would be moved to a higher level, considering renowned marriage experts who had graced the conference. Let me testify that our bedroom life which was dying slowly, has also taken to a new, interesting dimension, via this yearly gathering.

Later during the year, we trooped to our first Tiyambuke conference, hosted at Bethel Worship Centre. Our children were thrilled to mingle with their newly-found friends. And today, they always say to me: "We don't want to move away from our church."

For us, there is no other church, until God says otherwise. Next was the Minister's conference, reserved for leaders withing the ministry. This is when Bishop Sibiya engages leaders on a personnel level, moulding them to flow with the church's vision. 

Weeks before the December gathering, we were invited to attend. The announcement came as a shock to us, even to those who were present. We never anticipated such an honour to be bestowed upon us since we had arrived in church that same.

Two days days after Christmas in 2014, I packed my bags for the Minister's Conference in Marondera. 

To be continued...

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