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Zimbabwe Politics: Parties Speak on GNU

Harare - Both the ruling Zanu-PF party and the opposition MDC have conceded that there was an agreement to form a Government of National Un...

Harare - Both the ruling Zanu-PF party and the opposition MDC have conceded that there was an agreement to form a Government of National Unity (GNU) in 2017.

However, after the fall of former President Robert Mugabe following the November 2017 military coup, the GNU did not materialise and both parties blame each for the collapse of the government.

Speaking on behalf of the ruling party, former Presidential Advisor Christopher Mutsvangwa told the Daily News.

As momentum was being marshalled to thwart a G40 coup taking over after Mugabe, the war veterans leadership and other like-minded people in Zanu PF reached out to the MDC, as they built a broad-based coalition.

We held meetings at a Fourways Hotel in Johannesburg with Morgan Tsvangirai, and the ex-prime minister was most impressed with the unifying initiative.
The Late Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai During the Unity Government
Unfortunately, his health failed as the fateful transition rolled out in 2017. The sad tragedy for Zimbabwe is that an emboldened Chamisa threw his lot into pursuing a coup within Zanu PF.

Our poor nation is now gripped in an ever depressing spiral of poverty as Chamisa continues to spurn the revving and promising economic blueprint of President ED Mnangagwa.

The well-intentioned Tsvangirai must surely be turning in his grave as Zimbabweans are hauled into needless and grinding poverty. Chamisa, on the other hand, blamed Zanu-PF’s duplicity for the collapse of the deal.

What Mutsvangwa and Mnangagwa did to my old man was not right. They know what they did. They backtracked. Tsvangirai died a very, very unhappy man. 

The problem was that they (Zanu PF bigwigs) were playing a game, and were singling out some people they said had capacity in MDC, singling out myself, (Eddie) Cross, (Tapiwa) Mashakada and others.

So, they were dividing people. Mnangagwa ndiye anga achifanira kutungamira, Dabengwa achi deputiser naTsvangirai (Mnangagwa was supposed to lead in that transitional arrangement, with Dabengwa and Tsvangirai being his deputies).

“They are two people that died very bitter … It’s something that I know, DD (Dumiso) and MT (Tsvangirai). They were cheated and deceived. As the country’s economic woes get worse, many have called out for the opposition and the ruling party to have dialogue in order to solve the country’s issues.

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