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Apostle Shiloh Masenyama: Glory Ministries’ Firstborn

Apostle Shiloh Masenyama was born to lead. He is a firstborn in his family – among other firsts.   In the ’90s, he was allured by the unfl...

Apostle Shiloh Masenyama was born to lead. He is a firstborn in his family – among other firsts. 

In the ’90s, he was allured by the unflinching teachings of Bishop Pride Sibiya, then an emerging preacher. When Bishop Sibiya left his former church to launch Glory Ministries in 2001, Apostle Masenyama requested to meet him. 

“After a series of prayers, God told me to follow Him. I then fasted to get direction. I had attended all-night prayers hosted by Bishop Sibiya,” recalls Apostle Masenyama. “Then I heard he was starting a church and I went to meet him. I later joined him becoming the first member.”

Bishop Sibiya echoed the incident. “Apostle Masenyama asked to become part of the vision,” said Bishop Sibiya. “I had already attended a service alone and I told him if he comes we will be two. He agreed.”

The next service Glory Ministries had two congregates. He became the first Elder. His pioneering streak continued, becoming the first member to be ordained as a pastor. He convinced his brother Apostle Johannes to join the ministry. Other family members were saved.  

Apostle Shiloh Masenyama

“I had a vision where our venue was filled. After a while, people started to come in and we had an overflow of congregates and we filled the yard.” The vision was fulfilled. The church grew.   

At birth, he had inherited his grandfather’s title – Tirivenhamo Chanetsa – a name implying one cursed by poverty. But Bishop Sibiya renamed him Shiloh – inferring prosperity. His surname Masenyama means plenty.

And 19 years later, he has remained steadfast towards the vision. Presently he is the South African and international overseer of all Glory Ministries and chairperson of the International Church Council (ICC). Yet another first.

“I thank God for his grace upon me. Ebenezer – we have come this far. A lot of ministries started at the same time as us but they are no more. Some young pastors have lost it; they are now after money and abusing the body of Christ. I am proud to be part of Glory Ministries,” said the humble minister.

Apostle Masenyama has remained rooted in the vision. “Apostle Masenyama is a committed member and pillar of the ministry. I have never doubted his commitment and sacrifice from the beginning,” mentions Bishop Sibiya with aplomb.  

To Apostle Masenyama, his spiritual father, Bishop Sibiya is a legend. “He has done and stood for what he believes. He stood firm against trials, tribulations, and the test of time,” he adds, “People labeled him a Satanist but he stood firm and some even joined us. His heart is for souls to come to Christ.”  

A father of four daughters, he has been ordained an apostle within Glory Ministries. He attained various diplomas in ministry, divinity, and Christian marriage. He heads an assembly in Durban and 14 other churches in South Africa – and oversees nearly 100 churches.  

On Bishop Sibiya, the loyal servant said, “There is a thin line between the two. He is a humble man, great teacher, father, prophet, and apostle. He has all the qualities of the fivefold ministry in him. I have learned a lot from him.” 

And his word to upcoming ministers. “Bishop Sibiya has taught me that whenever you meet a legend, sit under their anointing and ask questions and you will learn. Young ministers must learn to submit and be humble and get counsel.”

How does he cope with leadership challenges? “Know your purpose and know what you are called for. Submit and be close to your leaders. Always encourage yourself.” 

Apostle Masenyama remains focused on the original vision: to manifest God’s glory on earth. “Our early days were to lay the ministry’s foundation. We were a national ministry but now we are international,” he mentioned.

We want to consolidate our operations and go international and minister to many people. Our father was called to mister to nations.”  

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