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Boity Thulo: Healer With a Perfume, Snuff Scent

Boity Thulo heeded her call to become a traditional healer (sangoma) with a witty tweet. “Peeps are gonna have to get used to seeing me take...

Boity Thulo heeded her call to become a traditional healer (sangoma) with a witty tweet.

“Peeps are gonna have to get used to seeing me take snuff in public, hey. The stares are wild.”

Her bold proclamation was met with diverse responses, with a section of her million viewers calling her decision to fulfill her ancestral vocation as a social media stunt to prop her status. Since then, she has assumed the title Gogo Nomakwezi.  

By @Comic24Derick

In accepting her new role, she followed in the footsteps of other stars, including Buhle Mda and Letoya Mekhane. The media personality has however maintained her previous personality, despite her new spiritual label. 

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She has however upheld a unique lifestyle, always interacting with her fans through her public exhibition of beauty and versatile persona.

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A Sangoma in South Africa is a highly respected healer, entitled to diagnose, prescribe and often perform rituals to heal clients physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. 

The training requires humility and respect for the ancestors. And those who religiously follow Boity are definitely poised to get one of the above treatments, and those opposed to her will never be spared her backlash. 

The Bold Boity Thulo

Boity adores her outlook, especially makeup, including her mascara, seeking to darken, lengthen, curling, coloring and thickening the eyelashes. Occasionally applied on eyebrows. The sources of the word remains unclear, but the Spanish meaning is to mask or stain, and these are both possible origins.

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Behind her bold looks, her mask lies someone seeking to take claim of a defiant world, and she has attempted to take her fair share. She has also masked numerous heartbreaks, dating back to her juvenile years, braving to cover all and continue living against the persistent odds.

Her success has a paper trail, stemming from her recorded appearances on several television shows, and various roles on movie screens. Her rise within the media circles came after she dropped out from college when her parents failed to pay her fees. 

She later joined a media casting consultant, and this catapulted her towards eminence. An appearance on an ad in 2010, catapulted her rise to fame. 

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Being one resistant to criticism and negative comments arising from her behavior, she has masked all to remain on track. While her haters continue to howl, she pursues her dreams with more vigour. Her new perfume Boity Pink Sapphire proves that she smells success when others see doom. 

“It's a powerful but elegant fragrance. The top notes you smell at first are the sugar, the fresh tangerine and wild marigold,” she said.

Her romantic life has been a seesaw. A relationship with rhymer Cassper Nyovest concluded in a bitter breakup, which was wildly publicised. A fresh stint with Stanley Obiamalu, a successful businessman and music video editor seemed to tick all her preference boxes, for a rich partner.

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True to her expressive character, Boity is not apologetic to show off her body, or her meteoric rise from a challenging background. Media outlets splashed images of her expensive house, estimated at R4 million, alongside a Mercedes-Benz costing R1 million. 

Her various business deals have reportedly netted her a net-worth of $1.5 million, through her acting and media roles.

The rapper did not mince her words, expressing her displeasure towards men who allegedly trolled her, calling them roaches. “A few days ago, I was being trolled by a number of men on this app throughout the day,” Boity tweeted. 

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 “These men insulted me in every way possible. I too responded with insults & proceeded to call those men unemployed roaches.” She, however, mentioned her ranting was targeted at specific men, and not all South African men.

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