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Ammara Brown: “I am a Bit of Perfectionist”

Ammara Brown has embraced a perfectionist philosophy, taking her time to produce high quality videos.  “I am a bit of perfectionist and some...

Ammara Brown has embraced a perfectionist philosophy, taking her time to produce high quality videos. 

“I am a bit of perfectionist and sometimes perfectionists get in the way of progress,” she told an American online publication. “But I am obsessed and I am very labor intensive. I am heavily involved in every part of the production.”

By @Comic24Derick

Her melodic exploits have earned her brand ambassadorial roles for large corporates in the country. She has made collaborations with local and international artistes. 

However, her breakthrough did not come after her father’s death, she was mentored after joining his band in 2003, aged 13 as a backing vocalist.

At 9, she had learnt to play mbira and the piano. She then presented a demo which made her father to cry, and later recruited into the band for her talent.

Ammara studied music in 2014, earning distinctions, thereafter launching her showbiz career on a lightning pace. She made music for the love of it, not for reviving her family legacy, which has made a difference in her career. 

The lively songwriter has romped her sister Chengeto, a musician in her own right, to form a sparkling family duet.
Ammara Brown
The diva hails from a family of singers. His late father Andy carved a name in the musical circles, first with Ilanga, alongside Busi Ncube, and the late Don Gumbo. Andy launched a solo career in 1988, forming his own band, The Storm – the same year Ammara was born.

When Andy died in 2012, someone was needed to carry the torch forward. Among the celebrated musicians in Zimbabwe, Ammara inherited the family’s legacy and preserved it well. Unlike other musicians who seem to have died with their talents, Ammara is different.

Except for Sulumani Chimbetu, few children have risen to the level of their fathers, who were once household names during their era. Ammara has taken over from where her father left, infusing an international appeal.

Their brother Alex is also active on the music scene. Chengeto was born to Andy and the late Chiwoniso Maraire, whose firm, silky voice led her to be nominated in the Kora All-Africa Music Awards for the best vocals of Africa in 1999. The late Chiwoniso’s album Ancient Voices entered the World Music Charts Europe three times.

In 2016, she won an award, a feat that had alluded his father, despite his global fame that he had achieved in his lifetime, yielding 10 albums. “The thing about awards is that, a while ago, I realized that my father had not won an award in his lifetime and it didn’t take away from how amazing he was as an artist.”

Ammara has performed at the Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA), as well as the 2010 FIFA soccer World Cup in South Africa alongside Flabba and Skwatta Kamp.

Even though she adores her father, Ammara says the abuse her mother endured affected her, making her speak against domestic abuse. “Through this song l know that at least I can change one person who has been going through abuse-be it physical, emotional and mental.”

She admits getting married was not easy for her because of her experiences as a child.

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