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Mambo Dhuterere: The Trending Gospel Music Couple

Contemporary gospel singer, Mambo Dhuterere and his wife have formed a vibrant combination. Her backing vocals has added a solid famine voic...

Contemporary gospel singer, Mambo Dhuterere and his wife have formed a vibrant combination. Her backing vocals has added a solid famine voice. 

Their presence has become a family affair, and no longer a male domain, where women are sanctioned for displaying their talents.

By @Comic24Derick

Their combination has added a family swag, like the one previously created by Charles and Olivia Charamba, and fans wait to see if the wife would go solo like Olivia.

Mambo Dhuterere has the guts to rebuke men abandoning their families for other women. His recent offering “Zvinonyadzisa” has been criticized for targeting errant husband, feeding girlfriends at the expense of their families. 

“Mostly, like I said, it is not preaching, but I will be advising the community on how best they can deal with a problem.”
Mambo Dhuterere

His music has brought a swag to contemporary gospel music. Since his entry into showbiz industry, he has reinvented the traditional gospel beat, adding flamboyance to the genre. 

Born Darlington Mutseta, the singer has enriched the genre that had remained conservative, dating back to the apostolic sect ensembles humming under trees, or open spaces. Some of the past outfits attempted to spruce the genre, but faltered somehow.

Four albums later, Mambo Dhuterere has proved to be a sustainable entity to the gospel genre that has evolved over time. Since 2015, he is slowly squeezing his way into the glitz of the showbiz scene, earning some rare reviews for his songs.

Hosiah Chipanga once rose to dizzy heights, but his beat relegated him to a pariah. His songs were classified as political commentary. Deprived of airplay and positive media coverage, Chipanga relocated to his rural home, dealing him a serious blow to his loved, danceable tunes.

The spiritual impact Mambo Dhuterere’s songs have brought to fans cannot be underrated, and they have become anthems both on radio and night spots. Cars are heard blurring with his songs, a feat that is apportioned to a handful artistes.

Gone are the days of white garment sects singing wildly, clapping eagerly and dancing around a circle, or an open fire, under the pounding rain. Their white garments spreading in the wind, while they danced in the open space. His dressing code has been spot on, and appealing to the younger generation.

The singer says he does not do music for views, even though this is a marketing strategy. “I do not do music for views, but my music is about preaching the gospel and it is the people who make it a hit song,” he told the Herald. His two earlier songs have attained a million views each on social media.

Dhuterere says he takes time to perfect his music, hence some have classified him as a one-hit wonder – one who evaporates from the scene, the moment he appears. “I take time perfecting my music in the studio, hence some people would end up thinking I am a one-hit wonder.”

Mambo Dhuterere did not rule out more collaborations. He sang one with Seh Calaz for a duet, while his moves for a medley were once turned away by Jah Prayzah.

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