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Diamond Platnumz: Sold Mother’s Ring to Record First Album

His stage name Diamond Platinumz has replaced his birth name Nasibu Abdul Juma Issack. And for a decade, he has churned hit after hit, winni...

His stage name Diamond Platinumz has replaced his birth name Nasibu Abdul Juma Issack. And for a decade, he has churned hit after hit, winning many awards on the African continent.

But his upbringing was rough. “I came from a slum area called Tandale. Even my family never expected that I would get to where I am right now,” he told Grammy Awards magazine. To record his first album, he sold his mother’s ring.

By @Comic24Derick

Many have never heard of Esma Platnumz, or Queen Darleen. They are both Diamond’s blood sisters. The latter is a singer. Romeo his younger brother is a DJ. Although Esma is not an artiste, she has received generous media coverage, when she became a third wife.

She defended her decision. “Surely, this is my personal life and the decision I made, I did so by my own will, not to pleas anyone,” Esma said. “Also I don’t see the problem with me being married as the third wife because our religion allows it.”

Of the four siblings, Diamond has become the most popular of the siblings. His list of collaborations reads like who is who in the international showbiz scene. From Ne-Yo, Rick Ross, Morgana Heritage and Koffi Olomide.
Diamond Platnumz in Action with Koffi Olomide the 

Diamond is still single, having divorced his wife Zari Hassan, followed by separation with Hamisa Mobeto. A relationship with Kenyan model Tanasha Donna ended in 2019. His debut album was released in 2010, with 12 songs. Altogether, he has fathered four children.

His various collaborations with renowned singers have gone viral on social media, propelling his viewership to 1 billion views. Each partnership has garnered more than 10 million views for the afro pop singer, becoming the first sub Saharan artiste to achieve such a milestone. For his efforts, he got a cake decorated with a YouTube logo.

In Tanzania, Diamond has become an authority, but he works hard to maintain the status. “I don’t want to let my people down. I make sure that I work so hard at mostly creating different sounds,” said Diamond.

Gifted with energetic dances, addictive vocals and versatile styles, Diamond has become one of the most influential artist in Africa, replacing traditional names. He is the highest earning artist in the Africa’s Great Lakes region at 31 years. Big brands in East Africa are queuing for him to endorse their brands and increase sales.

In 2010, he endorsed the ruling party, after remixing his single “Mbagala” to garner support. Contrary to European artistes who publicly endorse candidates of their choice, Diamond’s move was labelled as bigotry. In America, musicians campaign for a particular candidate without much hassles.

Diamond has popularised the bongo flava, a uniquely Tanzanian offering: romantic melodies with an urban beat influenced by traditional taarab music from the East African coast. He is driven by hard work, according to DJ Edu. “Diamond Platnumz is very hard working and has great showmanship,” says DJ Edu.

With 43 percent of Tanzania’s 55 million citizens having access to the internet, mainly via mobile phones, many can view his love songs via social media. On the world stage, Drake has garnered seven billion views on YouTube, while Beyoncé has more than 12 billion.

The singer is estimated to be worth $4 million, placing him amongst Africa’s wealthiest artists. Waah, his latest offering featuring Koffi Olomide reached 2 million views in 24 hours, earning him almost $6,000 via YouTube advertising.

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