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Takura: His Lyrics Are Sanitizing Rap Music

The Zimbabwe rap scene was once awash with dirty lyrics, however Takura meaning to mature, has come with sanitized rhymes that will hopefull...

The Zimbabwe rap scene was once awash with dirty lyrics, however Takura meaning to mature, has come with sanitized rhymes that will hopefully cleanse the genre. 

Hip hop also known as rap began in America.

Growing up, Takura was sent on errands to win girls’ hearts by his friends using his sweet lyrics. At school developed an interest in arts, use of catchy tunes and using his voice to further his talents. 

From there onwards, he set his sight on making it big. His experience as the only boy in his family has helped him.

“I have five sisters and I am the only guy, so I grew up with ladies,” recalled the artiste, born Takura Bernard Shonhai. “I have learned how to handle situations with ladies but to me it is more of love than anything to have people appreciating what you do whether its ladies or guys.”
Takura formed Soul Africa as the lead singer, and song writer. The group released “Zvinhu” in 2014. Thereafter, his music career went on a rollercoaster. His management has molded him to stay in line and focused.

“For you to stay in line and to be level headed you need to have a great team around you and people that correct you when you make a mistake,” mentioned Takura. “I am blessed to have such a team.”

While Takura's fame was ascending, his demand by women or social media trolls also peaked. Others went to his inbox in attempt to lure him. Internet trolling is when ones creates discord by initiating quarrelling or upsetting others by posting inflammatory or off-topic messages to get attention from others.

But his strong morals have kept him going, insisting that he is not the loose type – a man of loose morals. “I never entertain women who throw themselves at me because I will not do anything meaningful so, I stay busy working,” said the lanky artiste.

“Women inbox me to seek my attention, but my management also handles my social media platforms, although I also check my inbox myself to respond to people who support me.”

In five months, he had attained 48,000 followers, a sizeable number for an upcoming singer, including 17 nominations and seven awards. Takura admits that he gets tempted like a human but he controls his emotions.

“I am a very principled person so I never do anything because I am tempted,” he revealed to local media. “I am human of course and temptations come here and there, but I never do anything about them.”

Such upright character has helped remain relevant and alive where others have fallen. Drugs, loose behavior and diseases have claimed lives of many promising rap artistes, who died at a tender age before reaching their full potential.

Aware of the challenges in the showbiz industry, Takura has maintained his work ethics. “I love my job, and I am trying to go far in terms of my career that is why I never tolerate women who throw themselves at me, they may mess that up,” he stated.

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