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Pokello Nare: True, or Fake Queen of Swagger?

Her leaked 2011 sex tape with Stunner momentarily diverted her.  Though her father, a military officer did not condone the episode, he was c...

Her leaked 2011 sex tape with Stunner momentarily diverted her. 

Though her father, a military officer did not condone the episode, he was convinced her daughter was strong enough to overcome the expose.

Then Pokello Nare bounced back in 2013 with a spot in Big Brother Africa – The Chase. She survived four evictions. During her stint in the live show, she met Elikem. The two later got married.

By @Comic24Derick

The couple divorced after their relationship went sour, but like a true slay queen she moved on. “I think we cool now. Some days are tense but I think it will get better,” Pokello mentioned after the divorced that sired a child.

Elikem even showered her with praise. “I will give her accolades where it is due, Pokello is a good wife at home regardless of her glam and personality out there.”

Portraying her wealth invited the wrath of the law. There were reports of ongoing investigations over her Dubai property, confirming she is slaying for a reason. 

To confirm her real status, Pokello has bagged six pageants, besides to being a good cook. Her HIV challenge on social media won many hearts.
Pokello Nare, the 'Queen of Swagger'
“It’s important to note that modern HIV tests are able to detect most infections within a month of exposure,” said queen of swagger.

The internet defines a slay queen as a breed of women who seek to convince everyone how beautiful they feel they are. They also pursue for attention on their cool stuff, especially their bodies.

Another version defines slay queens as girls from poor backgrounds but act as if they are wealth. To get cash, drinks, and expensive gifts, they use malicious techniques. But, there are two types of slay queens.

The real slay queens do not put much effort, they portray their true lifestyle through social media posts. These have a visible income, go for holidays and can afford the luxury lifestyle they show off.

The opposite are false slay queens, who want everything to appear cozy, yet they are poor. Fake slay queens are prepared to do anything to create a misleading image to their fans.

Zimbabwe’s socialite Pokello fits into one of the above images, and she has added another angle: She no longer seeks attention. Her actions whether bad or positive have attracted attention, and it has paid her, and handsomely too.

Of the above, she appears as a real slay queen because she earns what she portrays. Besides her obvious beauty, light skin - known as a yellow bone, she lives large, exactly the way she is on her regular posts to her 350,000 followers on twitter. 

On Instagram, where she calls herself the queen of swagger, she has over 600,000 followers. And bragging has become her lifestyle through her shoe and nail business. Local brands have queued to offer her ambassadorial roles to market their products. 

Each post attracts thousands of responses and comments. And her marketing is making a difference to these brands, and make reach a wider audience.

Education has given Pokello an extra advantage as opposed to other slay queens. The trendsetter holds a Communications and Business degree from South Africa. At college, she was one of the two females in the ten member student representative board.

She made history as the first women to hold the social coordinator post. In her spare time, she tutored to make an extra income to finance her wardrobe.

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