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Battle of Musicians: Winky D, Jah Prayzah, Or Roki?

Jah Prayzah has 748,000 twitter followers, compared to Winky D’s 243,000.  The former’s YouTube channel has 459,000 subscribers, while his p...

Jah Prayzah has 748,000 twitter followers, compared to Winky D’s 243,000. 

The former’s YouTube channel has 459,000 subscribers, while his peer trails with 149,000 subscribers. On to music, the discussion is who is the best Jah Prayzah or Winky D? Before you pass judgment, let’s rewind a bit. 

Musicians are social commentators, and their political persuasion decided by their songwriting also determines who they associate with.

By @Comic24Derick

Winky D has elected to align his message with ghetto youths, who fancy Dancehall music, a genre that has a strong Jamaican roots. 

Jah Prayzah has stuck with the traditional beat, with a deeper spiritual alliance, evoking the unseen world. The older generation which consists a lesser percentage will be comfortable with such messages.

Universal Records signed Jah Prayzah to its renowned label. This is a statement, that music pundits will agree is a nod to his undisputed impact on the African continent. He joins Black Coffee, Diamond Platinumz and Mafikizolo in the same stable, a status that Winky D is yet to attain. 

For now, he records with local labels that will also limit his global sales, exposing him to piracy, further limiting his expansion.

Collaborations have become the trend in the entertainment circles, aiding to boost a brand and propel sales. These partnerships are mutual, and nobody would agree to a duet with a lesser brand, that will yield nothing in return.

Who is the Best: Winky D or Jah Prayzah

And Jah Prayzah has grabbed the opportunity for his benefit. His collaboration has drove his brand into the populous Nigerian country, Tanzania and has recruited South African devotees.

Brand endorsements are proof of appeal to any brand, and no corporate will associate with a mediocrity. So far, Jah Prayzah has fared well compared to his peer, inking contracts with Nash Paints, Jan Jam, among notable corporates. 

On the family front, the two musicians have fared well, though Winky D has an upper hand for keeping life private. 

Roki briefly disappeared from the limelight, while staying in South Africa. On his return, he relocated to his mother's village, far away from the limelight of Harare, where he had fashioned his name as a promising Urban Grooves chanter. 

Only the intervention of Passion Java revived his waning musical career. Patati Patata, a trending rhumba collaboration featuring granddad of the genre Kofi Olomide, born Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba and resurrected Zimbabwe urban grooves crooner Rockford Josaphat has propelled some emotions into overdrive.

Explaining the song to the media, Passion Java records manager, Boss Lashan said, “The title of the song comes from the phrase, ‘Et Patati Et Patata’ which is an informal and kind of fun way of saying someone is running off at the mouth, in short-talking a lot.”

Roki went on to offer another notable tune Mafuta, which was released on the same day with Wink D's Happy Again. For a day the, two single seemed to compete with each other, until Winky D's number gathered more numbers.    

Away from music, when Diego Maradona was asked who the greatest footballer between him and Pele, the late Argentine believed it was him, his response was always brutal. Pele was voted the World Player of the Century. 

Maradona was not convinced. “He thinks it’s him,” Pelé once said. “But we all know who the best was.” Though the two played football in a different generations, 20 years part, the comparison has never faded. Maradona’s death will not bury the debate. Facts are stubborn, they don’t lie. 

Pele scored 1,279 goals in his career, and won three World Cup trophies for Brazil. “Who did you score them against?” Maradona playfully asked. “Your nephews in the backyard?”

Pele briefly ventured outside his native country, contrary to Maradona who migrated to Spain and Italy respectively. His impact is still felt in Napoli, where he became the leading goal scorer. 

His impact has been preserved on a mural in Napoli. A similar comparison has been inherited between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. So, whether we like it or not, life is a competition. While the deliberations rages on, the music will play on.

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