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Cynthia Bizure: How Passion Fashioned a Way

Cynthia Bizure’s journey began from the bottom. First is was a boot sale, selling clothing to make ends meet.  But her passion and hunger ov...

Cynthia Bizure’s journey began from the bottom. First is was a boot sale, selling clothing to make ends meet. 

But her passion and hunger overtook a monotonous daily routine, resulting in the marriage of their children’s names to create Jan Jam, the fashion powerhouse. 

“It started very small as a boot sale, but because of passion with the industry we managed to make the necessary steps till we got to the size we are,” remembered.

The huge impact that Bizure has made on the fashion scene could have made her arrogant. Her trailblazing imprint has created ripple effects, amassing accolades that traditional brands have failed to attain.

With traceable success, cut through eight years of existence the Jan Jam website boldly declares: “Jan Jam is Zimbabwe’s premier fashion shopping destination, having eked out a lucrative space in the retail market back in 2012, making it all the way to be the winner of many customer services, shopping process, and best business awards.”

And such a declaration from an entrepreneur who has caused a stir, making her creations a must-wear garment, dressing leading socialites, has to be taken seriously. Born eight years ago to satisfy the growing fashion demand, their impact has been remarkable. 
Jan Jam Founder, Cynthia Bizure and Brand Ambassador, Jah Prayzah
Besides shopping in their showrooms, customers can now access their products online, outwitting their local stagnant peers. Bizure splits her time between family and work. 

“I dedicate my mornings to my family making sure their day is organized and preparing breakfast. My evenings are spent through light exercise and making dinner for the family,” she told the Standard.

With fashion trends continually shifting, keeping abreast remains vital. “Fashion houses approach us with the trends for the upcoming season,” she mentioned, adding that “some of it I manage to pick up on the go from magazines, shows and general inquiries from the customer.”

The company has embraced the social media spaces, as well as roping in brand ambassadors, including contemporary singer Jah Prayzah to market their products. “We have embraced social media as a platform that has a wide reach and we utilise it extensively,” said Bizure.

Quizzed about her favourate meal, one would have supposed she fancied something lavish, but her selection will surprise you. She prefers sugar buns accompanied by a drink. That selection broadly defines her persona as someone beyond modest.

“I have been asked to speak at several events. I get a couple of emails a week asking for my presence at speaking events but I am a reserved person and not a public speaker at heart,” Cynthia confided to the press. “But I accept and impart my knowledge and experiences to those who seek my story.”

In her climbing the success hierarchy, she has maintained her loyalty to God. “God has blessed me, I never thought I would be where I am today but I think my belief has driven me,” says Bizure. 

Beyond the glamorous smile, astuteness, she knows it takes more to become a global attraction. “I am a work in progress and I believe Zimbabwe and the world are yet to see the best of me.”

Giving has become a second nature to her lifestyle exemplified by her philanthropy work. “We do not give because we have plenty but we do so because we have the heart to touch lives,” she said.

While the prevailing economic environment has eliminated others, Cynthia is convinced it is a learning process. “A difficult environment defeats you, but a challenging environment stretches you, and opens your mind to new dimensions of thinking, hence all the challenges of this environment have taught us many lessons.”

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