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Emmanuel Makandiwa: Leaked Video Exposes Plot Against Prophet

Attempts by Prophet Jay Israel to expose Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa as a ‘charlatan and womanizer’ has backfired, exposing Jay's extorti...

Attempts by Prophet Jay Israel to expose Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa as a ‘charlatan and womanizer’ has backfired, exposing Jay's extortionist escapades. 

The endeavor was exposed in a leaked video rehearsal which was supposed to air on social media, and has since gone viral, with many questioning the logic behind the plot.

By @Comic24Derick

Jay Israel has been on a crusade to expose ‘fake servants of God’ was shown in a video with Blessing Munzvongi-Mashangwa, a former member of United Family Church International (UFIC). Currently based in South Africa, Blessing established Oceans Collection Perfumes with her husband Upenyu.

Blessing sued UFIC to recover her tithes and offerings she gave to the church, however, her attempts were thwarted by the court saying, “Tithes and offerings are acts of worship that edifies the relationship between the person who gives the offering and God,” the high court stated.

“They are predicted on the believers’ faith and are not enforced. They are free will offerings given in all Christin Churches.” Blessing and her husband later got divorced.
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa
Israel had previously wrote of his intentions to expose the Harare prophet. “It’s time for the truth to be revealed, I know many of you still believe in this charlatan (Emmanuel Makandiwa) but this Friday will open your eyes,” he wrote on Facebook.

“You are going to hear heartbreaking testimonials of people who have fallen victim of different forms of abuse under his leadership,” Jay Israel claimed. “This is the greatest exposure of Emmanuel Makandiwa. My greatest prayer is for all eyes to be opened and the truth to come out.”

The so-called ‘satanic manipulations’ did not air on December 4 as proposed, instead Jay Israel was recorded while plotting on how to taint Makandiwas’s image.

“I never slept with Makandiwa, never, but I could go his house. This issue about the second wife is a lie,” Blessing confessed in the 25 minute leaked video, adding that she got help from the servant of God.

In the video, Blessing was willing to mention that she was Makandiwa’s second wife, and many would believe her since he went to visit his father in hospital after hours. The two would further plot more lies, unware they were being recorded. It still remains unknown who leaked the video and for what reasons.

Jay Israel however insists on pinning down Makandiwa, mentioning that their alleged expose would “kill him and his ministry,” adding that the expose would be a “good revenge”. 

Known for his flamboyance and eye-catching miracles, Israel was involved in a tussle with his spiritual father Alph Lukau.

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