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Uebert Angel: Prophet’s Source of Wealth Explained

Prophet Uebert Angel is a prolific author who wrote 14 books, and six of those titles speak about money issues.  The titles tackles poverty,...

Prophet Uebert Angel is a prolific author who wrote 14 books, and six of those titles speak about money issues. 

The titles tackles poverty, how to get rich, secret about money and how to provoke angels of money.

His net worth has been speculated by several media outlets, some claiming it was around $60 million, tallying his known properties, but he has disputed the figures.

By @Comic24Derick

In 2005 Prophet Angel launched a concierge business called Club Millionaire Limited in Britain. Later on he entered the real estate business, developing residential properties and then branched into commercial establishments.

To foster the prosperity gospel, he travels by a helicopter and tells his flock that God want them to prosper. Described by many as a young and charismatic prophet, he formed The Angel Organization, the parent company for his other business.

Through his ministry, Angel is actively involved in humanitarian aid in Africa and Asia by availing tuition fees of children through his Adopt a Family scheme. 
Prophet Uebert Angel and Family 

The prophet availed food parcels during the Covid-19 outbreak, availing food parcels to affected families. In January 2020, he paid tuition fees for all the 797 students at a rural school. 

At the height of miracle money, the prophet dished out prophecies of prosperity, while congregates testified of ‘restored bank accounts’. 

That was not all. The charismatic preacher yelled out ID numbers to the amazement of those in attendance. His tag team with Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa did not disappoint while they were on stage.

The initial demonstration of miracle money was in Botswana, where an estimated $200,000 was allegedly transferred to some congregates as bank loans, banknotes, cash multiplication, and phone credit. 

He repeated the same feat in South Africa, yet, back home the practice was not welcome by the central back, telling the prophets that it was illegal. Angel defended his exercise, saying the money was a restoration to those who had lost it.

But before he became Prophet Angel, he was Uebert Mudzanire, born in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, 42 years ago. He later relocated to Britain in search of greener pastures. 

In 2007 he founded Spirit Embassy, after instruction from God, it later rebranded to Good News Churches. To date, they have 70 branches in 15 nations.

Prophet Angel is a man who understands the language of giving and wealth. The majority of his sermons are anchored on the prosperity gospel. For a man who owns a vast empire, it is not surprising that he hammers on wealth creation and possession.

Prosperity theology often called the prosperity gospel is a belief among Christians that financial blessing and physical wellbeing is always the will of God for them, adding that, faith, positive speech, and donations will increase one’s wealth. But it has been criticized as an exploitation of the poor.

After the arrest of Prophet Bushiri in South Africa, Prophet Angel called people to support his spiritual son, who is accused of siphoning millions to his native country of Malawi. Bushiri a flamboyant prophet and businessman skipped bail recently.

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