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Seh Calaz: The Bandit “Will be Back Stronger”

In an attempt to close the sad chapter after his divorce, Seh Calaz promise that he will be back.  “To all my fans, friends and Family who f...

In an attempt to close the sad chapter after his divorce, Seh Calaz promise that he will be back. 

“To all my fans, friends and Family who feel like I’ve let them down I apologise. I’m sorry, I’m human too.” #iwillbebackstronger.

And like a real bandit (Mabhanditi), he returned, and survived a barrage of media onslaught and persistent storms.

The dictionary describes a bandit or an outlaw as someone belonging to a gang and operating in an isolated or lawless area. This narrative adequately captures Calaz’s character.

At the rate which he faltered, he could have gone into oblivion, but thanks to his persevering attitude, he has lifted himself up. Like an injured fighter, and kept fighting making music in the process.

Accusations of drug addiction have trailed Calaz for the better part of his showbiz career, and these were confirmed by his former wife Moira Knight. The two later divorced after a public spectacle, leading to a divorce.
Seh Calaz
Moira Knight, his wife claimed her husband was a drug addict who was failing to take good care of his family. The relationship spilled into the social media scene, with counter accusations arising from the couple.

“I have been away for a few months, not on holiday but giving birth to my son and unfortunately when I came back ndakaona imba yave sango (the house was in a mess),” Night quipped on social media.

Reports that the singer owned a house were disputed by his wife. Faced with such negative publicity, Calaz could have disappeared into oblivion and wallow in pity, but he has chosen to remain steadfast, and do what he knows bets, that is to make more music.

He even showed his love for his country, voicing his concerns via microblogging twitter. “I and future generations deserve a better Zimbabwe. It's not too much to ask for and that's all we are asking for,” Calaz said. “Fix Zimbabwe for the sake of its people. As artists we aren't your enemies, we are in this together.”

His song that glorified the use of marijuana called “Mumota Murikubvira” or the car is on fire, which garnered a lot of nods from the ghetto youths, and received generous airplay on local radio stations.

The song ushered the chanter as one of the showbiz bad boys, joining Soul Jah Love for the mantle. His 2018 offering “Kurova Hwohwa” was deemed too explicit for public consumption, attracting a fine or jail term for the artiste from the courts.

When it comes to his love life, Calaz, according to his wife was evasive, and he even scaled the security fence to evade his wife. But the chanter responded, writing in vernacular Shona that, every house has its own problems, and every home needed a woman. 

He further announced his divorce with Moira, asking the media to give him space and time.

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