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Charles Charamba: Accept Change to Remain Relevant

The ongoing suspension of musical shows in the coronavirus era has become a blessing in disguise. “The use of technology for various non-per...

The ongoing suspension of musical shows in the coronavirus era has become a blessing in disguise.

“The use of technology for various non-personal interactions is now a need of great importance,” revealed Pastor Charles Charamba. 

“Musicians should embrace technology and realise that there are many other ways of operating in this era. Those who remain resistant to change may lose relevance.”

By @Comic24Derick

With a modern studio at home, the Charamba family, seven in total have presented their musical artistry. Without God’s grace plus tenacity, Charamba’s voice could have suffered a stillbirth.

When he presented a demo album to a local studio in the ’90s, he was rebuffed because his music did not conform to the traditional beat. 

Pacesetters like Jordan Chataika, and Mechanic Manyeruke presented a rather meek and acceptable version. On the other hand, Charamba’s firebrand genre was heavily influenced by the secular beat.

But with persistence, and with the aid of a willing music producer and engineer Bothwell Nyamhondera, his initial album finally materialised. Tinashe Akatendeka was released in 1997 to generous gratitude by the gospel lovers. 

And did not take time for the musician to gain relevance on the local music scene. Charamba a trained pastor further attained a music diploma, followed by a jazz degree.
Olivia and Charles Charamba 
Olivia, his wife was a backing vocalist at first, then she unleashed her debut album, Amen at the turn of the century in 2000, thereafter becoming the highest selling female musician locally reaching 80,000 sales. Her subsequent albums have all gone platinum. 

“Her album Amen sold quickly and confirmed her as a serious musician in her own right, not just Pastor Charles Charamba’s wife,” wrote Dr Ezra Chitando in his book Singing Culture.

If Charles and Olivia vanish from the showbiz radar today, their decades of investment in the gospel fraternity will not die, and their followers will not be starved of their addictive lyrics. Their two daughters, Shalom and Eternity have set social media channels alight with their recent offerings.

“We did not anticipate such a massive response and we would like to thank music followers for supporting our daughters in such a big way. It is not often that musicians get such massive responses to debut releases,” commented Pastor Charamba.

“They have started on a good note and such a response should inspire them to keep the momentum they have set with their singles,” Pastor Charamba added. 

“They are working on an album that will be released shortly and they are optimistic that other songs coming after these debut releases will enhance their great entry into the music industry.”

The duo’s voices are imitations of their mother Olivia, but with a youthful, guiltless output. Only time will judge if their tempo will survive the gruelling showbiz industry like their parents.

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