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Mechanic Manyeruke: Zimbabwe’s Gospel Genre Guardian

A section of modern musicians underrates the battle that Baba Manyeruke engaged to bring their talent into the front, a war that he still en...

A section of modern musicians underrates the battle that Baba Manyeruke engaged to bring their talent into the front, a war that he still engages today at a ripe age of 78. 

As you read this, his peers within the industry have since retired, or completely disappeared from the scene.

By @Comic24Derick

Further, he has upheld his original beat and style of music for decades, nonstop. Methodically strumming his guitar, the veteran songster has been persistent, even with little or no recognition and appreciation from his peers together with minute financial returns.

Without Mechanic Menyeruke, Zimbabwe's gospel music history is incomplete. The legendary composer is the forerunner of the genre, alongside the late trailblazer, Jordan Chataika.

Decades ago, the duo battled with one dominant recording company to have their music recognised in the country. Back then, secular music was the beat of the town, relegating gospel to church podiums. 

Then Manyeruke came in to change the script. The engineer at the recording label saved the day for the two, and gospel music has been on a meteoric rise since.
Mechanic Manyeruke
The moniker, Mechanic replaced his original name, Joseph Magundwane, and it has stuck to him until this date. After he was drafted into the Salvation Army band in 1968, he horned his affection for music inside the church. 

Though his talent manifested with the Peace Makers ensemble, he had a brief stint as a secular musician, recording a single with Four Brothers in 1976.

The Puritans, his backing group was assembled in 1984, though the original members have changed, its vision is still intact. After decades in the entertainment industry, his efforts have yielded 25 albums that contain gospel classics that outstrip generations. 

Gospel followers will recall the addictive “Makorokoto”, “Moses Murenje” and “Madhimoni” remain imperative, years after their release.

Manyeruke has bestowed his melodic voice to his last born son, Emanuel Manyeruke frequently referred to as Guspy Warrior in the musical circles. The son has diverted from his father’s genre, preferring the trending ZimDancehall category. 

The chanter’s songs have received generous radio airplay, though his inspiration is drawn from elsewhere, contrary to his father’s.

“I have a passion for music and I was inspired mainly by Jamaican musicians, Sizzla Kalonji, Buju Banton, Gentleman and Turbulence, to mention just a few,” revealed the “Seunononga” hit producer. 

“Being my father’s son as far as music is concerned is of very little consequence, actually, I prefer to make it as Guspy Warrior, not as a Manyeruke.”

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