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Mai Titi: Where There is a Will There is a Way

Growing up, Felistus Murata at birth, and Mai Titi to her band of admirers, had a deep passion for music, and the voice to sing, but her bac...

Growing up, Felistus Murata at birth, and Mai Titi to her band of admirers, had a deep passion for music, and the voice to sing, but her background starved her of relevant platforms to showcase her ability.

Her initial skit in 2016 sent social media into an instant hysteria. In the video, shot via a mobile phone, she chatted with her husband’s girlfriend, discharging jests that ignited her embedded talent that was yearning to be exposed.

By @Comic24Derick

Years later, after her acting debut, she is now a sought-after brand ambassador for renowned brands. 

Her children now appear on her parodies. Besides acting and singing, Mai Titi is a fashionista, and a philanthropist, visiting incarcerated women to experience prison life first-hand.

Through her skits, she has acquired properties, including a Land Rover vehicle, which she paraded proudly.

Where there is a will there is a way is an often overused cliché. It means that when you set your mind on doing something, you can do it.

The proverb reveals the importance of will power and how it can bring a change in someone’s life. Will power is the desire to achieve something. If you have the drive to do something, then nothing can stop you from achieving it.
Comedienne Mai Titi
Comedienne Mai Titi has carved avenues where there were none at all. Her life journey is a testament to someone who began from the bottom but was determined to shine. 

Soon after completing high school, she got pregnant and moved in with her husband in her childhood suburb.

Without any tertiary training, she became a housewife, relying on her husband’s wages for everything. Her daily chores included cleaning, and keeping her husband neat, nothing more. The lifestyle meant she was dependent on the husband for everything, even the basic needs. 

“I only knew to wake up in the morning, sweep the house and take care of my husband,” she recollected in a recent interview. She endured the abusive union from her husband and her in-laws who despised her deeply.

After years trapped in an abusive marriage, she got tired of the abusive relationship and decided to move on with her life. With two children to cater for, she searched for something to do, anything to upgrade her tattered life.

Regardless of her spiralling repute, her love relationships have largely been tragic tales. In one social media rant, she accused her former husband of infecting her with HIV but later withdrew the earlier claims, saying he had apologised for his misdeeds.

Another fling with musician Zizoe Pamyk ended bitterly. In 2020, she announced her engagement with Obina, a Ghanaian man. A tussle with Madam Boss, her former sidekick spoiled their friendship.

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