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Natalie Mhandu: Entrepreneur Aims For Forbes Ranking

Socialite Natalie Mhandu wishes to attain a Forbes ranking before turning 40 years. “I started my business in 2018 as a personal dresser aft...

Socialite Natalie Mhandu wishes to attain a Forbes ranking before turning 40 years.

“I started my business in 2018 as a personal dresser after I travelled on holiday and realised I had excess cash I could spare to buy a few things for resale,” she said. 

To date, she has dressed various celebrities.

By @Comic24Derick

Before she is an entrepreneur, the confident go-getter says she is a wife and mother first. 

“I’m a mother and a wife before everything else. I’m the warmth that binds my home together, strict but loving and easy-going so my daughter and husband adore me to bits,” she told a local daily, continuing that she is “a daring, risk-taker and very focused.”

Regarding her depiction on social media, Natalie admits it was just business. “Social media is playful, witty, and deceiving,” she said. 

“I often get people assuming I am someone else but they are always shocked to realise that my online presence is there to model and advertise my merchandise and make my followers laugh.”

The fashionista’s social media influence is rising.

In January 2021, she woke up with her images plastered across social media platforms, being fingered in a raging extramarital affair that has become a feast for rumour hounds. The allegations made her respond bitterly via a Facebook post.
Natalie Mhandu

“On a lighter note, I didn’t realise ndiri kupisa (I am hot) like that. I’ll open my own church ndingogara ndapihwa (receive) the tithes directly,” she wrote on Facebook.

Natalie further said that she was grieving, after losing her mother, and the charges could send her into depression. 

“I’m going through grief as I just lost a parent. I don’t usually respond but this came at a terrible time and I had to get this off my chest because ignoring this would have pushed me into depression.”

Away from the love triangle claims, Natalie is a self-made entrepreneur and model. And in 2020, she appeared on Jah Prayzah’s video Mukuwasha as his wife, while they visited his demanding in-laws. After the shoot, her popularity was on an upsurge.

Often equated to American Tyra Banks, the StylePhilosophy proprietor calls herself a dream chaser and is driven to achieve greatness. “I am naturally goal drive in everything I do hence I strive to be good at everything I do,” she mentioned.

Quizzed on her character, she describes herself as sociable and fun. “I am generally very sociable and fun to be around but also very strict and quick to reprimand and that’s what aids me in running and building my brand,” said Natalie.

In a bid to protect her personal life, her Instagram account remains private.

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