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Michael Mahendere: Musician Reveals his Pillar of Strength

Gospel musician Michael Mahendere has been inspired differently in his musical journey.  And one of them is his wife Vimbai. By @Comic24Deri...

Gospel musician Michael Mahendere has been inspired differently in his musical journey. 

And one of them is his wife Vimbai.

By @Comic24Derick

“She has been pivotal in discovering the current Michael Mahendere. She has been very supportive and I owe a lot to her. I could not have been here if it was not for her support. She is my pillar of strength,” gloated Mahendere.

The singer began his music aged only 11, and their first release as Mahendere Brothers “Mwari Mukuru” was in 1994. He later learned how to play drums, a keyboard, and an acoustic guitar that his late father bought him.

Minister Mahendere also gives credit to his spiritual father, Prophet Emanuel Makandiwa for transforming his life through prayer, and ordaining him to flow in his musical talent. For influence and inspiration, Mahendere looks out to Hillsong among others.

The artiste admits he was not intelligent in school, but he elected to focus on his musical career. “I did not do well at Ordinary Level and decided to quit formal education. I chose to pursue my musical talent and do what I was already exposed to,” said the talented singer.

The route he chose has not been smooth sailing, Mahendere agrees. “It has not been an easy journey, so many mountainous challenges have been on the way, but with God’s grace I am sailing though.”
Minister Michael Mahendere 
Before, they were known as Mahendere Brothers, the man of the long jackets, which swerved in the air. Together with his elder brothers, Akim, Misheck, and Amos – Michael Mahendere launched his musical career.

Decades later, he has offloaded the famous jacket to many hats. Among those titles, he is a musician, pastor, music producer, and entrepreneur.

As a musician, he rearranged “Makanaka Jesu” to become a hit in collaboration with UFI choir. The song accrued millions of views on YouTube. Another follow-up hit “Mumoyo” plugged from his album Getting Personal with God II has endeared listeners.

Today he has successfully branched into mining and vegetable farming. His fame came at a tender age when he featured on a song by Mahendere Brothers. 

“Becoming a celebrity at a young age was exciting to my tender mind and I did not perceive the consequences. I was on television when I was 11 years old,” Mahendere said.

“Many people at school and our community could recognise me from the video that made waves on ZBCTV on programmes like Psalmody and Ezomgido.”

The fame he enjoys today came at a price, and he was the talk of his town, always under scrutiny. “I was no longer like any other boy in the neighbourhood. When anything negative happened to me, it was the talk of the community because many people knew me,” Mahendere revealed.

“When I did not do well academically, it was a topic of discussion, but I had grown stronger and wanted to prove a point about music. So I pursued music with vigour and here I am now,” added Mahendere.

Though his mining venture did not start well, he persevered to come back stronger and more informed. “I resumed gold mining in 2018 with new partners and it has been going well since then. I want to thank God for opening good avenues for me. I am now venturing into farming in the line of vegetables.”

Though the Mahendere Brothers have temporarily disbanded, they still collaborate on various projects. His mother expected a girl, but Michael came instead. 

“My mother didn’t want another son. So she started complaining after going for a scan when she discovered that she was carrying another boy. That’s what she told me,” Minister Mahendere said.

Most of his songs are inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

“This “Ndovimba Nemi” is a unifying melody reminding saints to trust the Lord. Why call it an anthem, some may ask. An anthem is defined as a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body or cause.”

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