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Mudiwa Hood: “Real Men Pray Hard, Work Hard”

Success motivates Mudiwa Hood. Among his various qualifications is an economics degree, and he works as a manager for a local bank.  His son...

Success motivates Mudiwa Hood. Among his various qualifications is an economics degree, and he works as a manager for a local bank. 

His song “Taita Mari” became a psalm within the hip hop circles, loaded with praises of the Creator for making him successful, even before he had made real money.

By @Comic24Derick

Years later, the song seemed prophetic, and he now parades cars and resides in one of Harare’s affluent western suburbs. His recent book Shut Up and Make Money is now available in bookstores in Dubai and parts of southern Africa.

Born Mudiwa Mtandwa, he is the last born in a family of four. Growing up, his mother often told him that education was the greatest treasure. 

“When I was growing up, my mum used to tell me that son, the greatest treasure you can get is knowledge and I acquired it through education,” the flashy rapper confided to the media.

For Mudiwa, a balance in life is not his vocabulary. 
Mudiwa Hood and Part of Fleet of Cars
“There is nothing like balance, everything in life is a struggle and you need to put work into it and remember that real men pray hard and work hard,” he said to the Zimbabwe Morning Post, adding that he is always indoors to push his academic and art.

His name means the loveable one, and his musical efforts have become loved by many. Instead of live shows, he engages pupils in motivational speaking, though he usually performs afterward. Before he turned the gospel path, he had a car accident, after that he turned to Gospel hip hop. 

Originally called gospel rap, Christian or holy hip hop is recognised as a subgenre of hip hop characterised by a Christian overview focused on evangelisation, that emerged within the US urban communities.

The use of social media has uplifted his music, attracting thousands of loyal followers on his platforms, which gives him confidence as an influencer. “Look here, we are the future and I would love to see a smart generation which stays far away from drugs and stuff,” the energetic rapper said.

The rapper, however, has elected to conceal the flashy lifestyle he portrays on social media. “I am just a God-fearing young man who grew up in Chitungwiza and took myself out of the hood, but the hood remains part of me.”

Mudiwa defines himself as a success coach, life architect, and philanthropist. Besides, he is a graduate, a Ph.D. student as well as a Christian hip-hop singer.

The year 2021 started on a high for him, with a nomination for the BEFFTA Global Awards in the Man of the Year 2020/21 category. The ceremony celebrates black and ethnic personalities in entertainment, film, fashion, television, and arts.

“I’m so excited but in shock at the same time. This is huge for me. The nomination alone is like a win already,” Mudiwa told an online publication.

Other nominees in the male category include UK boxer Anthony Joshua, retired footballer Didier Drogba, and Ugandan opposition politician Bobi Wine. In response, the artiste said he was “shocked” with the nomination.

His recent selection confirms his writing on his Twitter handle: “One day the people that didn’t believe in you will tell everyone how they met you,” wrote the singer, who has bagged 29 previous awards.

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