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Mudiwa Hood: Remembers Genius 'Ginimbi' Kandungure

Gospel hip-hop singer and socialite Mudiwa Mtandwa aka Mudiwa Hood has chosen to remember his deceased cousin Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure in ...

Gospel hip-hop singer and socialite Mudiwa Mtandwa aka Mudiwa Hood has chosen to remember his deceased cousin Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure in style. 

In memory of the late young businessman, known for his loud spending habits and publicized lifestyle, Mudiwa Hood spent thousands of US dollars on a sneaker collection.

By @Comic24Derick

The collection features a white spike sock donna sneaker which according to the Christian Louboutin website costs US$1 295.

The high-end red sole sneaker designed by French designer, Christian Louboutin is similar to the one Ginimbi died wearing. It is alleged that when the police arrived at the accident scene Ginimbi had no shoes, no wallet, and a watch too.

Taking to social media Mudiwa showed off a US$5,600 receipt for three Christian Louboutin shoes ordered from the United Kingdom with the caption. 
Mudiwa Hood Shows off his Sneaker Collection 
"Ordered 3 Same (that white Ginimbi sneaker) Spike Sock Sneakers by Christian Louboutin from UK, few tracksuits and Tshirts through @houseofdenimzw In memory of my brother Ginimbi… I love you bro,…..RIP Thank you Queen, will order more things from you…"

However, the post turned out to be a marketing gimmick for the retailer.  

"If you want nice things follow this page @houseofdenimzw on Instagram but unofana wakati simbei maUS lol But try she has Virtinam, turkey and China products too that are affordable."

Mudiwa chose to retaliate an attack launched by media personality Tetelicious. Previously, Tetelicious had lambasted Mudiwa Hood that he inherited Ginimbi's clothing labels, including underwear. 

The social media tiff, however, made Mudiwa Hood to give away his clothes to the less fortunate on the streets of Harare, and was pictured in the act. 

"Please Tell Tate, I never got anything from my brother Ginimbi, the best way to remember him is to make a lot of money and live happily, buying what he had too," Mudiwa wrote.

Born Genius Kadungure, the late socilaite was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a gas company, Pioneer Gases which has interests in Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. He was also the owner of Dreams Nightlife Club.

On 8 November 2020, Ginimbi died in a car accident. The car, a Rolls Royce, hit another (a blue Honda Fit) and then crashed into some trees. It burst into flames after crashing. Ginimbi was pulled out of the car successfully but died moments later.

The other occupants of the car were trapped inside and were burned to death. Fitness bunny, Moana, also died in the accident as she was one of occupants of the car.

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