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Sexual Bluetooth: Man Torments 50 Village Women, Men

A Binga businessman reportedly ravaged more than 50 village women through mubobobo (s.exual bluetooth) while their husbands were condemned t...

A Binga businessman reportedly ravaged more than 50 village women through mubobobo (s.exual bluetooth) while their husbands were condemned to wet dreams through romping with spiritual beasts.

Mubobobo is defined as a kind of black magic whereby a man can have sex with a woman from a distance and without her consent.

It is a means of having a s.exual relations without someone’s consent but cannot be classified the same way ‘rape’ was because here there is use of demonic power to have s.ex with a person without necessarily having physical contact of s.exual organs, hence it is termed “sexual blue-tooth”, though at times it happens without physical contact.

It is alleged that these acts had been going on for at least a decade until a Bulawayo-based prophet was recently invited to the area for deliverance sessions B-Metro reports.

The man’s charms were vanquished by prominent Bulawayo-based prophet Madzibaba Emmanuel Mutumwa. The alleged perpetrator is also said to be a businessman and a polygamist with three wives.

According to Madzibaba Mutumwa, who preferred not to reveal the identity of the man, the man not only abused women from the village but four children also, including a three-month-old infant.
Sexual Blue Tooth is a Form of Black Magic 
The man of cloth also alleges that this man’s charms killed the sexual desire of his victim’s husbands as they felt satisfied every morning after experiencing ‘wet dreams’. The husbands said they dreamt of themselves committing bestiality with cows.

Madzibaba Mutumwa also claims the victim’s private parts were in a state of decay. After the charms were discovered and destroyed the man requested to be delivered. Acting Chief Binga confirmed the events as he too was present during the ceremony.

He also added that he too was a victim of witchcraft and was seeking deliverance from the prophet as there are people desperately trying to get the position of chief and have resorted to evil to get it.

Usually it is done by a man on a woman but witches are also known to do this on men. The person picks out a candidate they will be fantasising having s.ex with, then make satanic chants on them that will either make them sleep deeply or just feel drowsy and passive.

The person then begins to act as if having s.ex from a distance and the victim may be either too sleepy to notice or feels that there is something happening but is too drowsy to act against it. The person may actually think they are dreaming, only to be shocked to find themselves with semen.

Mubobobo is demonic and the fact that it happens on you is a clear sign that witches still reign in your life, and you need deliverance or continue living as someone’s “blue-tooth” spouse. Do you have old men who are widowers but refuse to remarry around you? Very smart?

Like you very much? You dream them constantly? Have s.ex in your dreams frequently and feel it was not just a dream? Why not look for deliverance?

This thing is prevalent in Zimbabwe and many women are at the mercy of these men.

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