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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri: “I am not Desperate, I am at Peace”

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri claims the South African police after him for his expensive taste. “The whole story is about buying a private jet. ...

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri claims the South African police after him for his expensive taste.

“The whole story is about buying a private jet. They want to know where I got the money to buy a jet,” said Bushiri before he skipped to Malawi. 

By @Comic24Derick

“I don’t think there is any impact on the church after the accusations. I am not desperate, I am at peace,” he told Times TV of Malawi in March 2020. While on bail for fraud and money laundering, Bushiri fled to his native Malawi.

Bushiri has no regrets for his wild spending. In 2017, he bought a car worth US$66,000 for her daughter on her fifth birthday. “There is no justification in buying anything for my child, after being asked. You have no justification in buying your child a toy,” he asked the SABC interviewer.

The clergy and business mogul denies that he sells church products, stating it was business. “I do not sell healing products, including holy water and oil. I think it’s only black preachers who have a problem with selling products,” he revealed.
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri 

Justifying his act of selling his products because other churches also do the same. “Roman Catholic sells their bibles, even book store sale bibles to readers.”

Beyond his poor background in Mzuzu, Bushiri has developed into an orator, translating to a motivator to his more than 100,000 congregates in South Africa and beyond. His ability to respond to media questions is flawless and he explains himself fully, not bowing down to unnecessary pressure.

The charismatic preacher says contrary to allegations of money laundering by the South African government, he is an honest preacher and business person. “I have never been asked or questioned or have a warrant of arrest on something that I was doing. Officially, there is nothing. I am a law abiding entrepreneur and church leader,” he said.

Critics have often asked the logic and source of miracles that have happened inside Enlightened Christian Gathering church, one of the fastest growing churches in Africa and the world. “I have never performed a miracle in my life but Jesus Christ does. If those miracles are fake, we are attacking what Jesus does. In every church, Jesus heals,” Bushiri said vehemently to SABC.

Bushiri says he is a marked man because of his lofty rank. “If you have the ball you are marked. If you are on top you become a topic. Even many people were attacked in the bible. Jesus was crucified.”

The ECG church was exempted from paying taxes, according to Bushiri. “We have been exempted from taxes as a church but I paid taxes as a businessman,” the prophet. “My church is so open and if anyone wants to come and audit our books you are free. In the church, I am a volunteer, and I don’t have a salary. I don’t do it for a reward. I believe God will reward me.”

Before his 2020 flight from South Africa, Bushiri had a sound lifestyle. “My stay in SA has been different. We have a great improvement and growth. Our church has grown by preaching the gospel.”

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