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Nox Guni: “My Music has Evolved”

While other Urban Grooves singers have decided to abandon the trade, Enock “Nox” Guni has persevered in the industry that fetched him fame. ...

While other Urban Grooves singers have decided to abandon the trade, Enock “Nox” Guni has persevered in the industry that fetched him fame.

Urban Grooves refers to music created by young Zimbabwean urban musicians at the onset of 1999. The genres spanned from Hip Hop, Soul, R&B and dancehall. One of the key proponents who masterminded the rise of the trend was Delani Makhalima.

By @Comi24Derick

Other advocates consisted of Masikiri, Roy and Royce, Roki and David Chifunyise. Nox joined the Urban Grooves bandwagon later on, and his first project “Wandipengesa” only came two years later in 2004, with a plug-off single titled “Maria”.

Sungura, Chimurenga genres were however not part of Urban Grooves, since they had been established during that era. Then, the state was championing a 75 percent local content on radio stations to play and promote local artists, advocated by the then Minister of Information Jonathan Moyo.
Nox Guni
Power FM was at the forefront to champion the Urban Grooves revolution, which later collapsed after Moyo was fired from the government. 

And since he started singing in 2002 at a talent show called Superstar, he has never looked back. In 2207, Nox was part of an ensemble that included Tawanda Mugodi and Trevor Dongo.

Born in 1983, Nox studied for a marketing degree from the Midland University. He worked in South Africa, while doing music part-time, later launching his music label Ice n Roses, specialising in casual and smart wear for both sexes.

Two decades after he immersed himself in the musical journey, Nox has introduced a new brand of music that he believes will go far. 

“The idea was to find guys with a following, including Freeman and try to tap into the different, new markets we have never been involved in,” he told Power FM in 2019.

During the interview, the musician revealed that he had decided to pursue music full time. 

“For our music to be played on the local channel is good but you need something more. I concluded that I should take music as a business, make it a brand. Back then, we used to do it for fun, but being professional gives you a platform to take you far.”

Love relationships and toxic unions seem to be Nox’s greatest undoing, with rumours that he was dating Belinda Mutinhiri, revealed to be seven years his senior. Over the years, he has battled to undress the bad boy tag that has pursued him for a while.

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