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Nutty O: ‘I Don’t do Music for the Likes’

Simbarashe Chiwadzwa aka Nutty O on stage is not pressured to release new music, but when he does, it has to be “music for everyone.” Questi...

Simbarashe Chiwadzwa aka Nutty O on stage is not pressured to release new music, but when he does, it has to be “music for everyone.”

Questioned during an interview in 2020, Nutty O underlined that, “I release music when it is the right music. I release music when the time is right. I am a household type of musician,” he said. “I don’t play bubble gum music. I am not pressured to release new music. I do so when I have the right music to do so.”

By @Comic24Derick

Touted as a local music genius, the singer is confident his music is a global brand and not confined to local patrons only. “I am pushing music for the world and not the country only. Music is a global language,” said the artist who started singing at 21.

Such is his talent, he is confident to release music at his own pace without any pressure. “I don’t work with pressure. I can release my music later, without any hype. I go for substance over hype. We don’t do it things for the likes, we do it for the love,” Nutty O said.

Previous collaborations with other artists have earned him more traction. “I get along with Amara Brown. There is nothing wrong with that. I am an artist who works outside the box.”
Nutty O
Nutty has learned to focus on producing quality as opposed to quantity. “There must be substance and content over quantity. I am trying to sing for everybody,” he said, adding that musicians “must spread love to each other because we are one family.”

Eight years on, the dancehall chanter trusts his time has finally arrived. “Last night was one of those nights that confirmed something that I believed from the time I started doing this that's now almost 8 years ago,” he wrote on Facebook after he won the Best Dancehall, Song of the Year for 2020, featuring Poptain.

Also, Nutty O won the Best Male Artist Award, after garnering more votes in the recent radio awards. “The time now goes on a decade and last night proved that time is above everything. It's not a matter of one day proving that I'm the best but a matter of proving that I'm capable of making music that can resonate with a lot of people.”

In the social media post, he saluted his fans. “Last night was OURS. We went out and proved to the world that we are a United family who are just here to enjoy good music and share good vibes while aiming for what has never been done before.”

As stated previously, he is convinced his music is for global consumption. “Thank you my ABX PEOPLE, remember IT'S ALWAYS JUST THE BEGINNING BECAUSE THE PLAN HAS ALWAYS BEEN BIGGER....WORLDWIDE....WORL!!”

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