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George “Billionaire” Munengwa: Entrepreneur with Wealthy Dreams

Within the business avenues, George “Billionaire” Munengwa is fast earning respect, however, the prevailing billionaire question is: how wil...

Within the business avenues, George “Billionaire” Munengwa is fast earning respect, however, the prevailing billionaire question is: how will reach that lofty status?

An entrepreneur. Business growth consultant. Speaker. Mentor and brand influencer, are traits he boldly identifies with. Still, many are asking who is George “Billionaire”? And why does he associate with an expensive tagline?

By @Comic24Derick

Well, his account is of a man who once failed in school but chose to be a lifetime success. 

Who is George the “Billionaire”?

“I grew up in Glen Norah, I failed my ordinary levels, and never went to university. I believed in myself and was super confident. The worst enemy of progress is comfort,” George “Billionaire” confided in an interview with Esteem Communications. 

“When you become an entrepreneur seize opportunities presented every day. I went through various sectors learning. It’s better to fail because you learn, better to try than not at all,” he added. 

The founder and CEO of Proverbs Investments was born in 1983 in Glen Norah, Harare. For school, he attended some affluent institutions. But his love for soccer surpassed his schoolwork, resulting in him failing his Ordinary Level, however, on the second sitting, he made amends.
George "Billionare" Munengwa
After school, he was exposed to various industries. “When you are exposed, you become a better person. Don’t go to the same places. If you are going to be successful, be exposed, determined and be confident,” said George.

A billionaire mindset

“Family will tell you it will not work, don’t expect people around you to support, you have to your greatest motivator. There is power in verbalising.”

ProAir, a part of Proverbs Investments was birthed in 2012 and is brewing whirlwinds in the business sector. His rich list of mentors comprises a business tycoon, Dr Philip Chiyangwa. 

The politician-cum-property mogul charismatically refers to George as “my young boy”.

“I mentored George, he came from my own hands and now he is a serious businessman. And I see him doing extremely well. I see him doing much more. One year from now you will be a different person altogether,” said Chiyangwa.

To realise his billionaire goals, George is learning from the best. 

“I remember Dr Philip Chiyangwa giving me my first award. At that time you did not help me, you said you wanted to see if I was serious. You have to have a mentor, someone who helps you. People see my success today and Chiyangwa is part of that success,” George said during an interview with Chiyangwa.

The Business triplets

Motivation has become his daily bread, even to his children. Even his pitch echoes a billionaire mindset.

“My Name is George “Billionaire” Munengwa and I offer a service that makes the weather behave, whether they are in their cars, cold rooms or shops. At Pro Air, we offer air conditioning solutions. Many people believe that doing what you love is a cliché, but for me, I do what I love. I sleep it,” he introduced himself.

Success, passion and consistency are like identical triplets, according to George. 

“When you are in business, you have to be in live with it and it will love you back and it will give you the fruits. I do it because I love it. People call me now by what I do and not my name. Consistency is key in what you do.”

George has evolved into a marketing guru. 

“A business has to be well branded, we always wear our uniforms. People take it for granted. Branding is what I mastered at a young age. We have an amazing team with people at heart, the financial reward will come. We want to leave our customers with a wow and they become our brand ambassador.”

George “Billionaire” continues to be showered with various business accolades. The latest one was the Top Outstanding Young Person in Zimbabwe accolade by JCI Zimbabwe. The same year, Ruth Pasi Foundation recognised him as the Outstanding Man in Business.

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